Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump's finest hour - Bill Weckesser

by Bill Weckesser

Win or lose, it's to Trump's credit that he's boldly going where neither Romney nor McCain had gone before.

It was, perhaps, his finest hour.  In soaring, Churchillian prose, Donald Trump addressed a black church in Detroit on Saturday.
For centuries the African American church has been the conscience of our country.  It's from the pews and pulpits and Christian teachings of black churches all across this land that the civil rights movement lifted its soul and lifted up the soul of the nation.  It's from these pews that our nation has been inspired toward a better moral character, a deeper concern for mankind, and a spirit of charity and unity that binds us all together.
The African American faith community has been one [of] God's greatest gifts to America and to its people.  There is perhaps no action our leaders can take that would do more to heal our country and support our people than to provide a greater platform to the black churches and churchgoers.  You do right everyday by your community and your families.  You raise children in the light of God.  I will always support your church and defend your right to worship.
 I am here today to listen to your message.  And I hope my presence here will help your voice to reach new audiences in our country. And many of these audiences desperately need your spirit and your thought.  Christian faith is not the past, but the present and the future.  Make it stronger.
Great Faith Ministries International sent written invitations to both Trump and Clinton.  He responded.  He was there.  As he was there in Louisiana.  His message was sincere, solemn, and sober.  He talked about driving with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson past boarded up businesses, affirming, "I want to help you build and rebuild Detroit.  And we can do that, especially with people like Bishop and Dr. Jackson."

Win or lose, it's to Trump's credit that he's boldly going where neither Romney nor McCain had gone before.  My hunch – it will pay dividends.  Notice the pushback from the mainstream-never-Trump-Democrat coalition.

There was also a visit to Dr. Ben Carson's childhood home in Detroit and another drive through that area. 

He's also heading to Flint...maybe on his journey to the White House.

Bill Weckesser


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