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Ancient scroll dating from 7th century BCE mentions Jerusalem - Israel Hayom Staff

by Israel Hayom Staff

Israel Antiquities Authority presents evidence that refutes UNESCO resolution that rejects Jewish ties to Jerusalem and Temple Mount • Papyrus document, which was stolen from Judean Desert cave, records shipment to king in ancient Hebrew script.

The ancient papyrus that mentions Jerusalem
Photo credit: Israel Antiquities Authority / Channel 2

The UNESCO decision passed Wednesday declaring the Temple Mount to be a Muslim site of worship was immediately countered by the Israel Antiquities Authority, which presented a document dating from the seventh century BCE -- the First Temple period -- in which the name "Jerusalem" clearly appears in ancient Hebrew script. 

According to the authority, the papyrus document, which had been among the antiquities robbed from caves in the Judean Desert, represents the oldest external source found to date that cites Jerusalem. 

The document details a shipment to be delivered to the king. Two lines of Hebrew script are extant and feature the words "wine," "king," and "[to] Jerusalem." It was recovered as part of an operation by the Antiquities Robbery Prevention Unit in the IAA, which is making preparations to put the findings on display for the general public and was planning to present the discovery at a conference on Wednesday. 

"The document in our possession represents extremely rare testimony of the existence of orderly management in the kingdom of Judea," said Dr. Eitan Klein, deputy director of the Antiquities Robbery Prevention Unit. 

"The document highlights the centrality of Jerusalem as the kingdom's economic capital," Klein said. He added that although it is known that the kings who ruled Jerusalem in this period were Manasseh, Amon, or Josiah, it is impossible to know for whom the shipment was meant. 

Israel Hayom Staff


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