Wednesday, May 23, 2018

IDF shells Hamas post after Palestinians breach Gaza border - Israel Hayom Staff

by Israel Hayom Staff

Palestinians infiltrate security fence, sets fire to empty IDF post in defunct Kissufim crossing and flees back into Gaza

An Israeli tank shelled a Hamas observation ‎post in ‎southern Gaza Strip Tuesday after a group of ‎Palestinians breached the security fence and set ‎fire to an empty IDF position. No injuries were ‎reported. ‎

The IDF said that the group, which was able to get ‎to the posts near the defunct Kissufim crossing, was ‎under surveillance from the moment it approached the ‎border. They set fire to an abandoned post and fled ‎back into the coastal enclave.‎

Meanwhile, Palestinians fired at cars traveling near ‎the settlement of Dolev, 12 miles northwest of ‎Jerusalem. No injuries were reported but some damage was ‎caused to one of the vehicles. ‎

Security forces cordoned off the area and were ‎searching for suspects. ‎

Since Hamas, the terrorist group that rules Gaza, ‎launched its "March of Return" campaign on March 30, ‎there has been a steady increase in attempts to ‎breach the Israel-Gaza Strip border.

The IDF said ‎many of these attempts see Palestinian try to place ‎explosives on or near the security fence or harm ‎Israeli troops in other ways. ‎

Also on Tuesday, the IDF revealed that a Gazan drone ‎breached Israeli airspace and crashed in the Shaar ‎Hanegev Regional Council. The military did not say when the incident took place, noting only that the drone was picked up by the ‎military for inspection.‎

Israel Hayom Staff


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