Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fitna Part I - Time to Watch it Again

Honored Readers:

Below is part I of Geert Wilders' courageous film, Fitna. It's no longer a new film, but in light of the instability currently reigning throughout the Arab countries, it behooves us to refresh our awareness of what kind of world this would be if the Islamists got their way. Because we know now that even when a populace arises in quest of democracy, those who eventually emerge as victors in the struggle are often interested not in enhanced freedoms, but increased oppression.

Even if you've seen the film already, please watch it again. It is a blunt, stark statement about the frightening world view of Islamists and the horror that they desire to inflict upon infidels. There is no opinion expressed therein. All of the material is either passages from the Koran or film from actual terror events.

We recognize that many Muslims reject the violence and barbarity that is portrayed so vividly in this film. We also recognize that there are Islamic scholars and clerics who eschew violence and have issued religious edicts forbidding it. But their voices are overpowered by the voices of others who hunger for world dominance and incite millions to violence and mayhem.

Therefore, the ugly, frightening reality remains, and it is our duty to confront it unflinchingly. The more aware we are, the better our chance to successfully dismantle the threats.

Caution: This film contains extremely shocking images.

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