Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Stateless Palestinian People is a Falsehood

by Eli E. Hertz

Historically, before the Arabs fabricated the Palestinian people as an exclusively Arab phenomenon, no such group existed.

Countless official British Mandate-vintage documents speak of 'the Jews' and 'the Arabs' of Palestine - not 'Jews and Palestinians.' Ironically, before local Jews began calling themselves Israelis in 1948 (the name 'Israel' was chosen for the newly-established Jewish state), the term 'Palestine' applied almost exclusively to Jews and the institutions founded by new Jewish immigrants in the first half of the 20th century, before Israel's independence.

Some examples include:

• The Jerusalem Post, founded in 1932, was called the Palestine Post until 1948.

• Bank Leumi L'Israel was called the "Anglo-Palestine Bank, a Jewish Company."

• The Jewish Agency - an arm of the Zionist movement engaged in Jewish settlement since 1929 - was called the Jewish Agency for Palestine.

• Today's Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1936 by German Jewish refugees who fled Nazi Germany, was called the "Palestine Symphony Orchestra," composed of some 70 Palestinian Jews.

• The United Jewish Appeal (UJA) was established in 1939 as a merger of the United Palestine Appeal and the fundraising arm of the Joint Distribution Committee.

Encouraged by their success at historical revisionism and brainwashing the world with the 'Big Lie' of a Palestinian people, Palestinian Arabs have more recently begun to claim that they are the descendants of the Philistines, and even the Stone Age Canaanites. Archeologists explain that the Philistines were a Mediterranean people who settled along the coast of Canaan in 1100 BCE. They have no connection to the Arab nation, a desert people who emerged from the Arabian Peninsula.

As if that myth were not enough, Arafat claimed that "Palestinian Arabs are descendants of the Jebusites" displaced when King David conquered Jerusalem. He also argued that "Abraham was an Iraqi." One Christmas Eve, Arafat declared that "Jesus was a Palestinian." Here, he was correct, but left out a very important part - Jesus was a Palestinian Jew!

Contradictions abound, Palestinian leaders claim to be descended from the Canaanites, the Philistines, the Jebusites and the first Christians. They also co-opt Jesus and ignore his Jewishness, at the same time claiming the Jews never were a people and never built the Holy Temples in Jerusalem.

The problem is that a stateless Palestinian people is a fabrication. The word Palestine is not even Arabic.

Eli E. Hertz

Source: http://www.mythsandfacts.com/

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salubrius said...

The alleged "Palestinian People" were invented by the Soviet dezinformatsia.
This is reported from the personal knowledge of Major General Ion Pacepa who was the highest ranking defector from the Soviet bloc during the Cold War. The term appeared for the first time in the preamble to the PLO Charter drafted in 1964 in Moscow. The allegations in the preamble were affirmed by the first 422 members of the "Palestinian National Council, each handpicked by the KGB. Another of the false allegations was that the "Palestinian People" had a desire for political self determination. See:
Brand, "Soviet Russia, the Creators of the PLO and the Palestinian People". http://www.think-israel.org/brand.russiatheenemy.html
and Brand, "Was there a Palestine Arab National Movement at the End of the Ottoman Period?" http://www.think-israel.org/brand.palnationalism.html

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