Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Salubrius" Publishes an Advertisement in the Harvard Crimson Newspaper

by Wallace Edward Brand

In honor of Israel's 64th birthday I purchased a quarter page ad in the Harvard Crimson, the paper of the free and open marketplace of ideas. But not free for "One Lawful Jewish State West of the Jordan River as a Solution to the Arab --
Israeli Conflict.

It will be published on Friday, the last day before the "reading period". That is the time when classes cease and the students study for final exams. [The ad follows:]

One Lawful State West of The Jordan River as a Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Students at Harvard should know that there are actually three solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict. First there is a "one [Arab majority] state" solution, in which the Jewish Israelis would become unwelcome guests in their own National Home, and the Jews in the Diaspora, such as in Toulouse, lose the only place on earth they could go to and not be in a minority. The second is a "two state [temporary] solution" in which the interim solution would result in the loss of much Jewish and Christian heritage and in the long run would end up as the one [Arab majority] state solution. The third is one lawful Jewish state based on the San Remo Agreement of 1920 that established the British Mandate for Palestine. It granted the Jews exclusive collective political rights to Palestine, in trust, to vest when the Jews had attained a population majority.

These three solutions are outlined at:

The details of the San Remo agreement are also on line in a two part op-ed that can be seen at:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Debunking the Palestine Lie"

It is likely that HLS Professor Alan Dershowitz will sponsor a conference at Harvard on a two state temporary solution. Will he permit discussion of the third option at his conference? The three solutions are like the three legs of a stool. With only the first two, it will appear that you will get strong arguments in favor of both, but not much balance. Here is a critical review of the two state temporary solution: Also, it would be helpful to look at what Dr. Daniel Pipes has uncovered about Yassir Arafat and the treaty of Hudibyah, a two-tribe solution that went sour. and

If Harvard is a free and open marketplace of ideas, demand a conference where all three solutions are discussed by genuine proponents and opponents.

Wallace Edward Brand, HLS '57

My best regards and Happy Birthday,

Wallace Brand

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