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Islamists Seek to Settle Score by Framing Filmmaker

by Eric Allen Bell

What if there was one historical figure that just simply could not be lampooned?  I’m not talking about a George Orwell book now.  I’m talking about reality.  What if people in the free world, who had the right to free speech, would not dare lampoon this figure, because so many people on the planet had become brainwashed into thinking he was a “prophet”?  Maybe this seems just too mind-numblingly absurd to even entertain, but what if – what if the fear that these people would be offended, and then hurt you, or kill you, kept everyone silent – kept everyone afraid to poke fun at the imaginary holy man and to shudder in fear at the thought of exercising their right to free speech?
Is there even a word for something so absurd, so incredibly ridiculous?  In fact there is.  It is called being “Sharia-compliant.”

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2012:Sharia and the Constitution” was the name of the panel I was speaking on the night before, in Orange County, California.  I spent the night at a motel and got on to the freeway for a long drive home, after the traffic had let up.
A friend called and we started to discuss how the event had gone the night before.  “It had gone well, but we should be speaking to much bigger audiences,” I said.  “What’s it going to take?” she asked. “Seriously, what’s it going to take for people in America to realize that we aren’t all paranoid nutcases for pointing out that political Islam is at war with us and on the rise?”
Good question.
I thought about this and answered:
Hate to say it, but probably another 9/11.  And come to think of it, Egypt has about enough rope to hang itself with, having elected a terrorist organization – The Muslim Brotherhood – to run their country.  Sooner or later, the other shoe is going to drop, and when it does, perhaps people will rise from their slumber.  It’s just a matter of time before the Islamists in Egypt go off their meds and start demanding the usual death to America kind of stuff.
There was an uneasy moment of laughter, followed by a mutual realization that this was probably indeed true.

When I got off at my exit in Los Angeles, I said goodbye and we hung up.  I turned on a talk radio program and listened, when I heard someone say that Islamic protesters were storming the embassy in Egypt.  Muslim men had scaled the sides of the embassy and broken in.  Crowds shook their fists yelling, “Death to America!”  There was rioting.  I turned up the volume.  This was turning into one of those days where it just sucks to be right.  Everything I had been saying was going to happen as the result of the “Arab Spring” was beginning to happen.  Then things took an even worse turn, as the radio voice said, “… protesting an anti-Islam filmmaker in Los Angeles…”   Uh-oh.

I am the only filmmaker I know of in Southern California who is known for expressing views which are critical of Islamic law.  Maybe there were other filmmakers who were opposed to political Islam as well, but I was the only one writing articles about it, going onto the radio, television and speaking out at public events.  This could not be good.

When I got home, I sat down in front of the computer to try to find out more about what was going on.  The media was claiming that a YouTube video called “The Innocence of Muslims” had sparked all of this rage.

So I found the video on YouTube.  It didn’t (yet) have that many views.  The production quality was dismally awful.  The storyline was incoherent and it promised to be a “trailer” for an upcoming Hollywood film.  There is a saying in Hollywood that showbiz is about 90 percent delusion.  Still, there is no way any Hollywood studio would be connected to something like this.

The news went on to say the “film” was made either by an Israeli-American or a Coptic Christian.  This was about the time my bullshit detector went off.  How convenient, I thought, for the Islamists in Egypt – especially given that this cheesy video had been up on YouTube already for several weeks, at least.  Clearly, this “film mocking the prophet” was being used as a false pretext for a newly emboldened Islamist movement to strike at an American target at an appointed time – the anniversary of 9/11.

And then Libya was hit, and the rest is history – history still very much in the making.
The real filmmaker was soon identified as a man calling himself “Sam Bacile.” I received phone calls from members of the press asking me if I was Sam Bacile.  I said no.  They asked if I had heard of him.  I had not.  And no one in the Western media printed anything about me as being in any way connected to this project.  By now, most reporters I’ve spoken to know that when it comes to speaking out against political Islam, I don’t hold back.  And if I had made a movie that was critical of Mohammed, I’d have said so.  I’m not opposed to “mocking the prophet.” I’m opposed to making bad movies.

Since I first called out the blog as being a “terrorist spin-control network” I have made a few enemies.  I also exposed the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro for their many lies and terrorist ties.  Websites have gone up that list my personal information, smear my character, give out my home address and declare that I am the enemy of Islam.  It took me nine weeks to get one of these removed from Facebook, and the rest came down by legal action.  Many of my articles target the Muslim Brotherhood in America.  So I can’t say I was all that surprised when this photo surfaced on Facebook:

I have received death threats from Muslims before.  I even published a handful of them in my last article, “The True Face of Facebook.”  But nothing could have prepared me for what was about to come.

I was suddenly being hit with wave after wave of death threats from members of the Religion of Peace.  I’ve taken the liberty to publish a few of them for you below, complete with the name of each person who is threatening me and a link to their Facebook account.

As of the time that this article was published, Facebook continues to receive countless complaints about the death threats, but refuses to take any action whatsoever.  After all, that might be offensive to Muslims.  Instead, Facebook once again locked me out of my own account.

Now this could just be a coincidence, that this publicly traded company has blocked my account the very moment an international newspaper, The Guardian UK (hard-Left turn ahead), released an article, smearing the entire counter-jihad movement as paranoid lunatics.  This article did of course point out that I was reaching hundreds of thousands of people per week on Facebook with criticisms of political Islam.

So, I submit for your review, some of the love letters I have recently received from the Religion of Peace:

PLEASE NOTE: I left in all of the typos.  These death threats are shown to you here exactly as they were sent to me…
Habib Cutler
” You are playing with Muslim’s emotion you pig! You will go to HELL after your death. You are a real evil for Muslims… You such a looser…. You don’t know anything about Prophet Muhammah (PEACE BE UPON HIM). You are saying about Muhammad (PBUH) unknowingly. You are a enemy of Islam. We should kill you bastard. You will die in Muslim’s hands.. Wait for dieing you bastard..”
Abdul Moueed
Saad Mazhar
“u dun even knw what iz going to happen to you….”
Limsa Slim
“Are you mad????? Am giving you 2days,. Its either u kill yourself o you will see a nice movie been acted on you bitch…. May GOD destroy your body n your wealth with your crayzii bitch Obama with all your small pigs and dogs who suppots ur film… “Eric Pig Shit”… Dats your new name..”
Syed Ahmed Raza
“U ALL SON of Bitch Having Grand dirt in ur minds whoever think to do any act against ISLAM and OUR BELOVED AQA (s.a.w.w). U don’t even know wt ll happen wen the Muslims star crushing ur heads and burnt them in filthy land.
Shoeb Nazeer
“A Bitch Son Come & Meet Us We Will Show You Your Respect…
You Will Die Soon With A Dangerous Accident..”
Madiha Nk
” i wish this eric burns in hell and on earth n dies the most tortured death.. So thats it is an example to those who degrade Islam and our beloved prophet”
Maqsood Khan
“mOther fUcker yUh make a fiLm against iSlam One day God Givez yUh yur fiLm reward in hell.. inShallah we all MUslim will meet yUh and make yUr face Black like shoez Polish!”
Ahmad Nauman
“I just wanna say, stay tuned. I just put you into the Hell… Son of a Bitch, Motherfucker…
Wait and see…”
Khanyari Sangbaaz
Abid LiyAni
“Hey listen this earth belongs to Allah. America, Europe, Pakistan, etc all the land belongs to Allah and it must be ruled by Allah’s command. What ever you do Islam will win finally and we will invade the lands where kuffar live and implement Islam. You can follow what ever religion you want but rule is of Islam. And regarding this blasphemy you carry out against out our religion you will pay a heavy price you are fighting a nation of well over 1.5 billion who see martyrdom as the greatest honour.”
Imad Ud Din Zangi
“wanna cut u into pieces with nail cutter”
Zahid Fazil
“eric u dont knw wht u have done we will destroy u & ur country for this aftr tht u wll regret we wll destry ur famly & fuck thm also israel u mother fuker”
Xû Hå Îß
“bloody asshole………fuck ya………eu’ll die a pig’z death
bloody shit”
Mohsin Gul Shah
“u pig u asswhole if infront of me i will cut you into pieces and i sewer upon allah .”
Anees Bhatt
“wll burn u alive.”
Shaheen Irshad
“Mother fucker u will die soon.”
Sameer Khanna
“i want to kill mother fucker..go into hiding bastard the moment i see you..i am going to tear you to peices”
Nadeem Sufi
“My dreams z to kill.u”
Rockstar Suiez
“I would be the first man on mission to kill u infact burn u alive… Remember thats my word…”
Danish Pathan
“Eric is a son Of pig busted you will die Soon Inshallah”
Nabeel Abdulkareem Adam Vohra
“when i get you i will cut your throat wide open and stick your head next to your butt coz thats where its supposed to be you goon.  Fuck you and your entire family, Boy i just cant wait to slay your fucking head off you son of a bitch!”
Mudasir Dar
“Dog i wll kill u fuck u daugther idoit”
Dawood Rafiq
“soon u will be dead….and u know it”
Aswaan Ali Mohamed
“if we see u we kill u and we will kill every amarican person, I know u are afraid today and u will die 2morow and u will meet Allah`s punishment insha alllah”
Χουραμ Σαχζαντ
” You scum bag
be ready to die”
Éxtrêmë Êñìgmâ Xâhïdz
“i’ll fuck ur whole family u bustard.i’ll kill u”
Given the incredible amount of media attention given to the real filmmaker, a rumor such as this one does not have legs on its own.  That said, as I mentioned earlier, I have consistently exposed the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro for having ties to terrorist organizations.  You remember them – the Muslim Brotherhood aligned Islamists who are building a 53,000 square-foot meg-mosque in the heart of the Bible Belt with money from unknown sources.  One of their board members, Mosaad Rawash, was caught promoting Hamas online.  Yeah, those guys.  I may be reading too much into their spokesman, Saleh Sbenaty, calling me a “scumbag” but I don’t think they like me.

Anyway, someone has to come up with this strategy of coming after me using digital media, and work at fanning the flames.  Someone has to want to shut me up pretty badly.  And of course, what better way for Islamists to silence one of their critics than to put your name out on the street, saying you have “mocked the prophet” (punishable under Islamic law by death)?  And what better time than now?

Sheila Masaji, of, has used this opportunity to put my name out on the street, to jihadists here in America. Now let’s keep this in mind: according to Islam, “jihad” is a word with essentially two meanings.  One refers to an inward spiritual struggle.  The other is fighting against the enemies of Islam, by way of the sword.  Jihad is the duty of all Muslims, as commanded by Allah.  So by running an article on a blog called “The American Muslim,” Sheila Masaji, and the terrorists she defends, are clearly stepping up their game. Could it be that they are trying to shoot the messenger?

Since I posted many of the death threats from Muslims on my Facebook wall, as a sign that I am not scared, the Islamists added a new dimension to their venture against me.  The articles written for American Muslims name me as part of a conspiracy to make this sloppy film, “The Innocence of Muslims” – thus forcing Islamists to have no choice but to riot, rape and kill.

Sheila Masaji must know I had nothing to do with the film.  Her articles in the past are usually sourced with links, not to factual sources, but to more of her own articles.  This devout Muslim is a professional liar for Islam.  And Islam does not just allow lying for Allah’s cause, it demands it.  The practice is known as “taqiyya.”  Naturally, loves her.

Here are two articles Sheila Masaji has put up so far, attempting to link me and some of my friends (and some people whom I don’t know) to the making of the “film”:


Not surprisingly, many of the hard Left-blogs are singing backup.
The death threats that have come from American Muslims since the publishing of those articles, I will not publish at this time.  The threat to my life has been deemed serious.  So naturally the police department lost the report I filed.  After what felt like an eternity, as the FBI tried to locate that report, and then begin the long process of filing their own report, I decided to go ahead and publish this article, complete with many of the death threats, should something happen to me while the federal government is fumbling with paperwork. I have been relocated to a safe house and am in dialogue with the FBI.  I would like to report that the proper authorities have issued the appropriate warrants and are taking steps to identify and attempt to capture the numerous Muslims who are threatening to kill me for “mocking the prophet.”  But something tells me that Eric Holder is not going to let that happen.  As of this moment, there is paperwork and dialogue.  And nothing stands up to Islamic terrorism like paperwork and dialogue.  Eric Holder’s incompetence and fetish for appeasing radical Islamists who seek to infiltrate American society have become a national embarrassment.  But I’m open to being pleasantly surprised.  In the meantime, I’m filing my report with the media.

Meanwhile, the narrative overseas has narrowed even more.  Someone has been very busy, planting stories.  Several Muslim newspapers and blogs are now reporting that I alone am the filmmaker who “mocked the prophet.”  And it is perhaps no coincidence that they are all more or less using variations of the exact same wording – calling for me to be punished.  Under Islamic law (Sharia) that means death.

EGYPT: “Prosecutors said they will ask the international police agency, Interpol, to add the names to its wanted lists. U.S. authorities would also be contacted, according to prosecutors.”

Never mind the fact that I did not make the film, was not involved in the making of the film, do not live in an Islamic country under Islamic law, enjoy the First Amendment right to free speech and, did I mention that I did not make the film?

Perhaps in an attempt to stop Muslims from once again coming after them (Muslims have a long history of slaughtering Sikhs), some of the Sikhs at are willfully submitting to Islam, by singing its tune in an article entitled, “Sikhs condemn Blasphemous Film”:
Eric Allen Bell, the director of the film, should be tried by the judicial authorities for such a demeaning act. We cannot tolerate disrespect to any religion and if we promote such unethical behavior through media then, instead of peace we will only have bloodshed on roads, which we are witnessing even today.
Newspapers such as “The Daily Rising Kashmir” and others like it, also call for me to be punished for blasphemy.  Because, even though I did not make the film, whoever did is clearly at fault for just making the Islamists riot, rape and murder in the name of Allah.  Who needs accountability anymore if all you have to do is to say you are offended? This rationale of course will only work if you are a member of the Religion of Peace.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or the OIC, a group of about 57 Islamic countries, is demanding an international law which forbids the “mocking” of any religion or prophet.  And believe it or not, this ridiculous demand is being taken seriously, as discussions are taking place between the OIC and their most powerful friend, the Obama administration.
Interestingly enough, Abdou Kattih, the VP of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, whom I have exposed for being aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood in America, has also stated publicly:
As Muslims, we ask for a clear international law, sponsored by the United Nations, that prevents mocking religions or prophets.”
And yet to most Americans still, the term “Creeping Sharia” sounds paranoid.  And things like evidence are mostly dismissed as “hate speech.”  Meanwhile, Iranian Muslim leaders are complaining that, had they just followed through with their death fatwa against Salman Rushdie for writing “The Satanic Verses,” none of this “mocking of the prophet” would be going on now.  An example would have been made of him, and the world would submit to Sharia law and no longer mock the prophet.

So why am I in a safe house, needing protection from the FBI?  Is it because it was recently announced that “Iran will track down those who made anti-Islam film”?  Psychotic suggestions such as these come right from the Supreme Leader himself, in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Am I in hiding because Egyptian Muslim leaders are demanding the deaths of the filmmakers?  Is it the attempt to inflame Muslims around the world, using malicious and deceptive reporting in Muslim blogs, to want to kill me?  Is it the fact that I receive at least one death threat from a Muslim every hour?  Or has got it right, that I’m just really starved for attention and Islam is peace?

It is stated in the Islamic scripture over 90 times that Mohammed is the example by which all Muslims are to follow and imitate.  In those same Islamic scriptures, Mohammed says things often like, “I have been made victorious through terror” and “terrorize the unbelievers.”  Examples such as these are in no short supply, and anyone doing a simple Google search can find such passages, supported by chapter and verse.

Clearly the demands are being made, loud and clear, that someone be punished for “mocking the prophet.”  Never mind that in America we enjoy the right to free speech.  Never mind that the First Amendment is designed, not to protect popular speech which needs no protection, but to protect unpopular speech.  Nonetheless, Islam demands that someone be punished.   “Look what you made us do” the Religion of Peace seems to be saying, as they storm embassies and riot in at least 20 countries so far.  Look at what your free speech made us do.

Facebook has taken down the page “Sharia War on Women” but left up the page “Death to Israel.”  This willing submission to Islamic Law is the result of fear, fear of the consequences of offending Muslims.  By design, Facebook has placed its 900 million members into a “sharia-compliant” state.  THIS is what is meant by the term “Creeping Sharia.”  Or maybe there is a perfectly logical explanation to Facebook’s inability to locate their spine which has nothing to do with being scared to death of having Muslims storm their offices overseas.

How much longer will our “leaders” and unprincipled reporters become paralyzed by fear, every time some bully tells them to shut up and do as they are told.  Submit is what they are told to do.  And submission is what we see them doing.  By the way, the meaning of the word “Islam” is “submission.”  And on that note, here is a statement which was just issued from Al Qaeda.

Call to kill Americans: “We encourage all Muslims to continue to demonstrate and escalate their protests … and to kill their (American) ambassadors and representatives or to expel them to cleanse our land from their wickedness,” said the statement from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

So what does it mean to be Sharia-compliant?  Sharia demands that Islam be first.  Islam should receive special treatment.  For instance, does Facebook know that they have made 900,000,000 of their members Sharia-compliant?  Perhaps not.  But when the Obama administration apologizes repeatedly for our First Amendment, they are indeed very much being Sharia-compliant.

Is it possible that a man who spent his early years growing up in a Muslim country, indoctrinated while attending Muslims schools, raised in his early years as a Muslim by Muslims – is it possible that such a man would not know that he is being Sharia-compliant?  You decide.

As for me, I may be in hiding as the Religion of Peace attempts to take my life – for now – but I will not be silenced.  Sharia law forbids free speech.  I demand it.  And I will not back down.

Eric Allen Bell


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