Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Concealing Racist Black Violence

by Colin Flaherty


Black mob violence is now so frequent and intense that even big city editors can’t  keep it out of the news anymore.

The latest high-profile story, now familiar to many, is the recent beating and killing of the 88-year-old World War II veteran Delbert Belton at the hands of two black people in Spokane. Allegedly.

A few days before, two black people stalked and killed Chris Lane, the 23-year-old Australian college student in Oklahoma. Allegedly.

A few days before that, three black people stalked and killed 27-year-old nurse David Santucci in Memphis. Allegedly.

A few days before that, a black mob in St. Paul beat Ray Widstrand with a sock full of rocks that will leave him with permanent brain damage. Allegedly.

In St. Louis this week, a black mob hit a hot dog vendor in the head with a hammer. In Chicago, this weekend, a black mob attacked a police officer, fracturing his skull with a baseball bat.

And in the space between the time I started this article and when I finished it, I received the worst video I’ve ever seen: Several young black people bully and beat up a three-year old girl. “After the footage was taken, the 12-year-old cameraman went onto Facebook and posted the video with the title “When white people piss black people off,” reported Kristin Tate of MrConservative.com.

Watch it here: When white people piss black people off.

Many of the 800 people who commented said the same thing: How can this be happening?
These events might be shocking. But they are hardly rare. Or even unusual.

Pick a number from 1 to 1000. That is how long this list of recent victims of black mob violence could be. Or you could ask a cop. Any cop. They know.

Some of the mobs are small. Some are big. Some people die. Those who live are changed forever. No matter how often the local papers assure us their injuries are “minor.” Or it was just a theft, not a beating.

Some scenes of racial violence are familiar: Chicago. Baltimore. Philadelphia. Most are not: Peoria — the middle of middle America. Des Moines, where they had a Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa State Fair. Springfield. Greensboro. Indianapolis. Seattle. Portland. Dayton. Louisville. Dallas. Denver. Rochester. Utica. Miami Beach. Green Bay. Cedar Rapids.

Minneapolis and Milwaukee and Indianapolis have some of the most intense and frequent cases of black mob violence in America. If you lived there and depended only on local media, you would think only “unruly teenagers” are responsible.

Local and national media are loathe to report racial violence. It is an eerie experience to see a video of a local newscaster blame an episode of black mob violence in Milwaukee on just a “few people,” while he talks over B roll showing a large black mob pulling passengers out of two cars and beating them.

Editors like Steve Chapman at the Chicago Tribune insist they are color blind. Only a racist, he says, would wonder why his newspaper refuses to report how black mob violence is so stratospherically out of proportion.

Chapman could be speaking for an entire generation of news managers who say they do not report racial violence because they have “no evidence it is racially motivated.”  That is what the editor of the Virginian-Pilot told Bill O’Reilly’s producers last year when they pressed him to explain why he did not report that two of his reporters were attacked by a mob of 50 to 100 black people.

That means unless the predators issue a press release or carry signs saying saying “Death to White People,” editors have no way of knowing if race has anything to do with the crimes.

Maybe because it’s a black thing the editors just don’t understand.

Or maybe they think the overwhelming patterns of black mob violence are not evidence. When that is the strongest evidence of all.

This “we are color blind” mantra is strange coming from the same people who every day write about black caucuses, black colleges, black businesses, black churches, black music, black neighborhoods and on and on and on.

So much so that today, we are living in the most race-conscious country in the world.

Many of these stories are written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists.

But all over the country as victims of black mob violence pile up one after another, day after day, week after week, so do the reporters who ignore, condone, excuse and deny it.

This week, Salon produced its monthly news story saying all the recent attention on black crime is some kind of conservative conspiracy.  A few months ago Salon blamed it on White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to American and how the media ignore it.  As did MSNBC a few nights ago.

Liberals in and out of the media always — yes, always — say the same two things about black mob violence. Always in the same breathe: One, it is not happening. Two, here is why it is happening.

Ten years ago, liberals could — and often did — get away with that obfuscation. But not today: Too much of this black mob violence is on YouTube. Salon might deny it, but many of the people responsible celebrate it on video, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, World Star Hip Hop, and lots of other places.

It’s what happens when white people piss black people off.

The next edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot will feature QR codes that will allow a reader to use their smart phones to watch the violence on video as it is described in the book. Salon is going to hate that.

One of the alleged perpetrators of the Oklahoma killing bragged on Twitter about how much he hated white people and how much he enjoyed “playing golf.” Short for hitting woods. Short for hitting “peckerwoods.” Short for playing the Knockout Game on white people.

The Baltimore Sun says racial violence is not that bad and that people should just get used to it. Meanwhile, Pat McDonough, the Maryland state legislator who last year was scorned for observing black mobs were “terrorizing downtown” is now being hailed as a prophet as violence continues to the point where one of that city’s largest employers is threatening to move.

We don’t have to ask any hypothetical questions about what would happen if the roles were reversed: If hordes of white people were stomping through downtown Baltimore assaulting and robbing black visitors. We already know: A few days ago, a black student at the University of Texas claimed someone threw a balloon full of bleach at him. He did not save the balloon or present anything to corroborate his story. But that has not stopped hundreds of news outlets from reporting it.

Same with a story of two dozen diners who say on Facebook they were unfairly kicked out of a restaurant in South Carolina. The liberal media will enthusiastically report on anything that affirms stereotypes of whites as racist and violent towards non-whites, even when the evidence is tenuous.

Meanwhile, as the real evidence of black mob violence mounts, so does the urgency — and absurdity — of the those who would deny it. Al Sharpton recently declared it was “open season on black people.” Attorney General Holder said black people receive longer sentences for the same crime as white people. MSNBC hosts love to proclaim that black people and white people smoke the same amount of marijuana, but black people are arrested four times more often.

All as true as a Tawana Brawley affidavit.

A University of Michigan study recently stated that most white people are racist because they do not like racial quotas. Which is also what panels full of pundits declare on MSNBC with regularity.

The only time they mention violence is to shrug it off as a “racist meme.” Virulent black racism is the new normal.

The psychiatrists tell us we are only as sick as our secrets. Nothing inspires more secrecy than race. And no one is trying to keep the secrets more than the liberals who run the newsrooms and city halls across the country.

Colin Flaherty

Source: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/colin-flaherty/concealing-racist-black-violence/

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