Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Purdue University's 'Jewish Problem'

by Maurice M. Eisenstein

On September 27, 2013, Mr. Mark Bruzonsky gave a persentation at Purdue University Calumet about the Middle East.  According to Purdue University Calumet's own advertising, Mr. Bruzonsky is an "expert" who brings "keen" and "impressive insight" to the topic.  And Dr. Yahya. Kamalipour, a professor in the Communications department, was the conduit that brought him to campus (Purdue News)

So what sort of "keen" and "impressive insight" does Mr. Bruzonsky bring to the topic of the Middle East? Mr. Bruzonsky argues that:

The Jews control American foreign policy (see blog posted 9/6/2013).

Jews/Israel control the media.  (see blogs posted 9/17/2013 and 9/19/2013).

Jews have "dual loyalty" problems. (see blog posted 9/23/2013). 

The Jews/Israel wants to force the U.S. to attack Iran.(see blog posted 9/22/2013).

Zionism has "infiltrated" the U.S. (Zionist Infiltration) - like a plague or disease you know.
(Examples of all blogs referenced above can also be viewed here.)

Mr. Bruzonsky uses age-old canards that have been used to smear the Jewish people, and now Israel.  To compound matters, vile and vicious visual propaganda litters the pages of Mr. Bruzonsky's blog.  Although Mr. Bruzonsky is Jewish, this fact only makes his rank peddling of Jew hatred more disgusting not less so. 

Upon seeing the vile images and reading Mr. Bruzonsky's anti-Semitic arguments, I decided to make my University community aware of this situation.  Thus, I sent an email disseminating graphic evidence of Mr. Bruzonsky's anti-Semitism (a copy of that University Email can be accessed here).

What was the response?  As a Jew, my worst nightmare was realized.  Nothing.  Absolutely positively nothing.  Not a single individual at Purdue University Calumet could bring themselves to condemn the rank anti-Semitism of Mr. Bruzonsky.  No one in the administration of Purdue University, apparently, understands the frightening reality of their acquiesance.   The silence was and continues to be deafening.

Even more frightening is that the University officially promoted this event (Purdue News and Post Trib Article see bottom of the article).

Now, Dr. Yahya Kamalipour can invite any rank anti-Semite that he likes to campus.  The First Amendment should not be abridged.  But, there is absolutely no justification for the University administration to promote an Antisemitic speaker.  Dr. Yahya Kamalipour did not simply host an unacceptable speaker; the University endorsed this speaker by advertising it through the University's official marketing department and putting the Purdue University seal of approval on the event.

But think of this: while Mr. Bruzonsky is welcomed by the University with open arms - this so-called "Jew" who peddles vile Jew hatred and blames Jews/Israel for creating and perpetuating Middle Eastern problems and conflict - another Jew - Ms. Peggy Shapiro - was denied a speaking engagement at Purdue University Calumet (see here and here).  Apparently, this child of Holocaust survivors, this accomplished woman who works on behalf of Jews and is a tireless advocate for Israel through StandWithUs - she was simply "too controversial" for Purdue University Calumet. 

While University resources can go to the Jew who peddles rank anti-Semitism and is a vicious critic of Israel using the most vile images and arguments, those same resources are not available for a Jew who is the child of Holocaust survivors and is an avid supporter of Israel. 

The jaw-dropping hypocrisy, concerning Jews and anti-Semitism, in academe defies belief.

Maurice M. Eisenstein is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Purdue University Calumet.  He blogs at Higher Education Comical Politics. You can contact him at mmeisenstein@sbcglobal.net.

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/09/purdue_universitys_jewish_problem.html

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