Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dems join Repubs in questioning Iran deal

by Thomas Lifson

Barack Obama's cave-in to Iran, just as sanctions were inflicting unbearable pain on the country, is arousing bipartisan ire on Capitol Hill. Sen. Charles Schumer, a loudmouth, highly partisan Democrat, is joining top Republicans in expressing serious doubts. Bernie Becker of The Hill:
Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), the No. 3 Democrat in the chamber, called the deal disproportionately good for Iran, and that it was only strong sanctions that gave the U.S. and its allies any leverage over Tehran.
"This disproportionality of this agreement makes it more likely that Democrats and Republicans will join together and pass additional sanctions when we return in December," Schumer said in a Sunday statement.
In fact, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's office pointed out Sunday that the Virginia Republican and Schumer - rarely allies on any issue - had sounded similar concerns about the deal, and the impact sanctions have had on Iran.

Rick Moran notes:

The #2 Democrat in the House, Steny Hoyer, called the agreement a "marginal improvement" and told Face the Nation that "we don't trust Iran."
The ranking Democratic member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel, said, "I don't think you make them bargain in good faith by going squishy." Like many Republicans, Engel was disappointed that the deal didn't call for Iran to suspend its enrichment program.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit quips:

Obama, bringing together Democrats and Republicans, Saudis and Israelis in opposition to his policies. He's a uniter, not a divider!

Of course, Secretary of State Kerrey has already stated that Obama will veto any further sanctiuons Congress might come up with to scotch the cave-in deal. This would be an interesting development, to say the least, splitting congressional Democrats from their president.

Rather than face his critics Sunday, Obama was able to skedaddle to Seattle and kick off a series of West Coat fundraisers, continuing today in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Speaking last night in Seattle, Obama failed to mention one word about the Iran deal, which led the news all day, a sure sign he understands that his base is not enthusiastic on the subject. Today in San Francisco, Obama will be changing the subject to immigration, with an event at a Chinatown social services center. I suspect he will not mention his support for affirmative action programs in academia with systematically disadvantage Asian heritage youngsters in favor of blacks and Hispanics.

It has been reported that ticket prices for one of his fundraisers in San Francisco were discounted by half in order to avoid the embarrassment of empty seats. President Obama is systematically angering not just Republicans and independents, but also members of his base (except for blacks, who remain faithful, and whose prejudices he will not challenge - see his failure to speak out on the Knockout Games).

The disintegration of Obama's leadership ability continues apace, and we still have 3 more years of this ahead, a time of great peril. The most hopeful sign one can find is that even some Democrats are awakening to the peril and suffering he is inflicting on the Republic. That's a very slow process, however, while the national security peril escalates. As one of the left's favorite snarky slogans of the 70s had it, "One nuclear bomb can ruin your entire day." Especially if that is an Iranian nuke hiudden in a shipping container and detonated in New York (or Houston or Los Angeles or any other port) harbor.

Thomas Lifson

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