Thursday, December 26, 2013

Half of Londonistan Docs Treated FGM Mutilated Girls Last Year

by Daniel Greenfield

This is the horrifying arithmetic of Third World immigration particularly from Muslim countries. Those things that seem so horrible and unfixable when they are happening across the ocean are even more horrifying and unfixable when they are happening right in your own backyard.
More than half of GPs in the capital have treated victims of female genital mutilation in the past year, shocking new figures suggest.
In a snapshot survey, 57 per cent of doctors who responded said they had seen at least one woman in the past 12 months who had been mutilated.
Experts called for doctors to be given more training amid fears there is a serious lack of knowledge about FGM among GPs, who are often the first people survivors of the brutal practice turn to for help.
It is estimated that 66,000 women and girls in Britain have undergone FGM.
The sample is small, but it’s doubtful that increasing it will produce better results. London is becoming Londonistan. The Sharia marches and Sharia bullies are just the more overt signs of the tragedy taking place.

These horrors are the wagers of Labor’s immigration policy and Cameron’s inability to fix it. Labor got its voters and London got honor killings, beheadings and FGM.

Daniel Greenfield


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