Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Israel must Heed the Warning Signs

by Prof. Ron Breiman

Recent news concerning the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks suggest that dangerous processes are brewing under the Israeli public's very nose; if they, heaven forbid, mature in full, they will take a heavy toll on our lives.

Two examples of this are the debate over the security presence in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea area, and the usual malicious deception regarding Jerusalem.

The potentially murky security arrangement in the Jordan Valley has been in the headlines over the past few weeks. Focusing on security in the Jordan Valley indicates that Israel has all but given up on Judea and Samaria -- the cradle of the Jewish people's history and the very basis for the Zionist claim to the land of Israel. This area is also a staple in the State of Israel's security, much more so than the Jordan Valley.

Focusing on humiliating and bogus security arrangements in Jordan Valley is nothing but a smokescreen meant to divert attention from the true course of a peace process taking place behind the scenes.

It seems that, just as singer-songwriter Naomi Shemer wrote in "Jerusalem of Gold" -- her famous anthem from the Six-Day War period -- "no one descends to the Dead Sea by way of Jericho," soon Israelis might find themselves barred from traveling on Highway 90, en route from Jerusalem to Beit She'an, Tiberias, the Sea of Galilee, the Galilee and the Golan Heights.

The proponents of a Palestinian state in the heart of the land of Israel display their wares as if dividing Jerusalem means handing over solely its Arab neighborhoods to the enemy -- and who needs them anyway? They, naturally, conceal the fact that the debate about Jerusalem has little to do with its Arab neighborhoods and everything to do with the Old City and the Temple Mount, which some Jews, who are devoid any roots in Israel or in reality, are willing to sacrifice on the altar of "peace."

The recent deal between Israel and Jordan to create a pipeline to channel water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea has a third signatory -- the Palestinian Authority. Allowing the latter to be part of the project indicates that Israel has all but ceded the northwestern bank of the Dead Sea without informing the public.

The enemy will be granted access to that area, meaning, yet again, that no one will "descend to the Dead Sea by way of Jericho," and soon Israelis might find that they are barred from traveling on Highway 90 en route from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi, Masada, Sodom and Eilat. The enemy will control this road by the grace of the "peace" deal. 

The leaders of the Israel opposition, both from within and out of the government, the heads of the international Chamberlainistic community and, of course, Muslim, Christian and Jewish anti-Semites have all come together to tighten the siege around Israel.

One cannot envy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Everyone demands he make a "historic decision" while the real historic decision would be to sever the false link between "peace" and a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel west of the Jordan River -- these are two opposing concepts.

Truly enlightened people who seek real peace will denounce any and all ethnic cleansing, both Jewish and Arab. Those who claim that Jews must be barred from Judea and Samaria are neither enlightened nor pacifistic. They promote a self-serving peace that might end up stripping Israel of its Jewish character and democratic values and render it devoid of any peace to speak of. 

Any possible solution to this issue must be based on two states, two peoples and two banks to the Jordan River.

Prof. Ron Breiman is the former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel.


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