Friday, January 17, 2014

Taliban Commander Told 9-Year-Old Sister Suicide Vest Would Kill Other People, Not Her

by Daniel Greenfield


The Point first discussed this story here.. The young girl’s age has been given variously as 8, 9 or 10. That’s not unusual in Afghanistan where many people don’t know their birthdays or their exact age.


Now in her own words we can catch a glimpse of the culture of death in Islamic societies that leads to the endless killing fields of Islam.
It was late evening, the mullah was calling for prayers and my brother took me outside and told me to put on this vest. He showed me how to operate it, and I said: “I can’t – what if it doesn’t work?” And he said: ‘It will, don’t worry.’
I was scared and he took the vest back from me and he hit me hard, and I felt scared. Then [he gave me back the vest and] left me near the checkpoint where he said I had to operate it.
I realised it was a suicide vest because it was heavier than a normal one.
He said: “If you operate this on the people at the checkpoint, they will die – you will not die.” But I knew it was a suicide vest and I would die too. Then he went back home – the checkpoint is just near our house.

My father came here and told me to go back and I said: “No, I will kill myself rather than go with you.”
I don’t have a mother, I have a stepmother and she was not very nice to me.
I did everything at home. I cooked, I made bread, I washed clothes, I cleaned the whole house and they still weren’t happy – they would treat me badly, as if I was a slave.
I didn’t go to school because they didn’t let me. I can’t read a word, I can’t pronounce anything. It’s because I wasn’t taught – nobody taught me how… of course I want to go to school.
My brother told me: “You’re here in this world and you will die. You are not here to learn or to do other things or to expect that your word will carry any weight. You are here just to die and do your duty.”
Of course my Dad knew – they were all in it together. [This started with] my Dad first, and then my brothers were included. They were all in it together.
“You are here just to die and do your duty.” That’s the essence of Islam. The preemptive fatalistic acceptance of death and the attempt to triumph over it by a willingness to die while killing others.


Daniel Greenfield


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