Thursday, January 16, 2014

Palestinian Authority Preemptively Invalidates any Peace Agreement with Israel

by Daniel Greenfield

The final status agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that Obama and Kerry are pushing so hard for is already invalidated under the Palestinian Authority’s own law which states that…
The right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homes and property and compensation for their suffering is a sacred and inalienable right that cannot compromised or exchanged; it is beyond the scope of jurisprudence or interpretation or referendum…
Resettlement of Palestinian refugees may not be a substitute for the right of return…
Anything that is contrary to the provisions of this law is canceled, null and void and any legislation or agreement that detracts from the right of return violates the provisions of this law.
Mahmoud Abbas
Abbas, who according to Obama is Israel’s partner in peace, has not only invalidated any peace agreement that he may sign with Israel, but has even ruled out the possibility of changing the law via a popular referendum.

Since the “right of return” is code for destroying Israel and no Israeli government will currently agree to it, any “final” agreement that Israel signs will be invalidated by this law and any concessions that Israel makes to reach the agreement will once again be worthless.

Abbas is negotiating an agreement that he has preemptively invalidated. And that’s a typical example of why the peace process is a dead end.

Daniel Greenfield


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