Friday, November 28, 2014

In Their Own Words: Quotes by Palestinian Leaders - IDF Blog

by IDF Blog

In the west, the leaders of terrorist organizations speak moderately and responsibly in their speeches. But in the middle-east, when speaking to their people and their allies, they do not hesitate to deny the existence of the State of Israel and to call for Jihad, battles, and suicide attacks.

Members of terrorist organizations have not hesitated to bless the perpetrators of recent attacks such as stabbings and car rammings. They also praised the kidnapping and murder of three young Israelis in the summer of 2014.

Below is a collection of quotes by Palestinian leaders that will make you think twice about their true intentions.

Ismail Haniyeh

Yunis Al Astal quote

Fathi Hamad quote

Ismail Haniyeh quote

Khaled Meshaal

Ramadan Shalah

Abbas Zaki

Hussam Badran

Fazwi Barhoum

meshaal campaign 2

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