Friday, October 23, 2015

Why Ayman Mohyeldin Must Go - Ari Lieberman

by Ari Lieberman

MSNBC and Ayman Mohyeldin’s shameless blood libel against Israel.

A recent online petition calling for NBC News to take disciplinary action against Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC’s Israel correspondent, has garnered 25,000 signatures in just 48 hours. By the time this piece goes to publication, it will undoubtedly surpass the 25,000 mark. Social media goers concerned with Mohyeldin’s pro-Palestinian bias have created a twitter buzz with the hashtag #AymanMustGo

That sentiment reflects mounting frustration with Mohyeldin, who has consistently used his position as Mideast correspondent to spew pro-Palestinian propaganda. So egregious and one-sided was his reporting that during the 2014 Gaza war, NBC took the drastic step of removing him from the theater only to reverse itself just four days later.

Mohyeldin also drew widespread outrage when he referred to American hero Chris Kyle as a man who had “racist tendencies” toward Muslims and referred to his service in Iraq as a “killing spree.” It is widely acknowledged that Kyle’s daring and professionalism saved countless American lives, but the partisan and myopic Mohyeldin sees things rather differently. 

In another demonstrable instance of shallow analysis and base propaganda, Mohyeldin once absurdly claimed that the United States should recognize Hamas since the terror group came to power through elections. By that logic, the Allies should have recognized Hitler as the legitimate representative of the German people since he too came to power through elections. Autocrats and dictators often employ the democratic process for their own nefarious purposes only to discard democratic principles once their usefulness has expired.

In the last three weeks, Israelis have endured a spike in Palestinian violence characterized mostly by indiscriminate brutal stabbings targeting young children, the elderly, a Nigerian migrant worker and even a Dutch Christian woman who fostered over 20 Arab children. Their depraved terror spree, incited by their president for life, the Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Abbas, has been dealt with in a professional manner by various branches of Israel’s security forces, which have thwarted countless attacks, neutralized assailants and prevented further calamities.

One such calamity nearly occurred on the morning of October 14 when a 20-year-old Palestinian, dressed in military style camouflaged fatigues, broke out of a line near the Damascus Gate and charged toward a group of soldiers while brandishing a large knife in his right hand, clearly visible to all. He ignored repeated warnings to halt and was neutralized by gunfire from security forces. There was no doubt as to what occurred and but for the quick reaction of alerts cops, a disaster was averted.

But the propagandist and yellow journalist Mohyeldin, whose crew was at the scene and was filming just as the incident unfolded, didn’t quite see it the way everyone else did. Moments after it occurred, Mohyeldin tweeted the following; “I just witnessed the shooting of man running down the stairs towards Damascus gate before being gunned down.” 

There was shockingly no mention of the fact that the man was dressed in military-style camouflage, no mention of the fact that he was brandishing a large knife, no mention of the fact that he was running toward a crowd, and no mention of the fact that he ignored warnings to halt. Mohyeldin wanted his twitter followers to believe that blood-thirsty Jews gunned down yet another Palestinian “youth” in cold blood and wished to propagate a modern-day blood libel.

Just four minutes after posting his tweet, Mohyeldin was contacted on twitter by a salivating Amnesty International representative with the following; “hi Ayman Jacob from Amnesty International here. We are in East Jerusalem and would like to meet if possible. DM me. Thanks.” Liars and anti-Israel shills always manage to find each other.

Shortly thereafter, Mohyeldin went live with the story echoing in his broadcast the “facts” as noted in his tweet. Fortunately, Mohyeldin was corrected by MSNBC anchor Jose Diaz-Balart who was quick to set straight the dreadful inaccuracies on-air, leaving an embarrassed Mohyeldin stammering and stuttering. 

MSNBC’s problematic Mideast reporting is not limited to Mohyeldin. Recently, the network featured inaccurate graphics borrowed from anti-Semitic conspiracy sites to highlight so-called Jewish expropriation of Arab land. To its credit, the network subsequently and rather quickly acknowledged its mistake and publicly repudiated the calumny in convincing fashion. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that they would have acted so quickly (or even acted at all) to reverse themselves but for the astuteness of media watchers who immediately took note of the egregious error and flooded MSNBC with rightful indignation. 

MSNBC now needs to address its Mohyeldin problem. It cannot be taken seriously as a news network so long as it employs a Palestinian propagandist. As long as Mohyeldin continues to be on MSNBC’s payroll, the network’s credibility and ratings will continue to nosedive.

Ari Lieberman is an attorney and former prosecutor who has authored numerous articles and publications on matters concerning the Middle East and is considered an authority on geo-political and military developments affecting the region.


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