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Obama Skips Scalia Funeral -–Will Visit Cuba to Honor the Castro Brothers - Humberto Fontova

by Humberto Fontova

The president's romance with tyranny on full display.

I ask on behalf of Raul Castro–because Barack Obama seems infatuated with him. Seems that every time the Stalinist terror-sponsoring dictator (who craved to nuke the U.S.) looks over his shoulder, there’s the President of the U.S. making goo-goo eyes at him.

“People characterized as stalkers,” explains Wikipedia, “may be accused of having a mistaken belief that another person loves them (erotomania) or that they need rescuing.”

As announced just yesterday by his spokespersons, the possible “erotomaniac” twice elected U.S.  President even found a way to get himself invited to his stalk victim’s fiefdom. Yes, President Obama will visit Cuba next month. The meet-up is scheduled for March 21st

There’s a famous scene in the movie Scarface where the late actor Robert Loggia makes an urgent request of Cuban gangster Tony “Scarface” Montana.  I’m betting that Robert Loggia will look gallant, powerful and dignified in front of the Cuban shown in that scene compared to Obama in front of the Cuban he’ll visit next month. See here for details.  

I say “stalker” because  Obama’s meet-up and handshake (warm abrazos too, perhaps?) with Raul Castro next month will mark the fourth such meet-up  between Obama and Castro in 26 months. FDR and Churchill certainly matched this frequency and timeline for chummy handshakes. But have any other U.S. Presidents matched it with foreign “leaders”?

“Funnier” still, when Benjamin Netanyahu−president of a “close U.S. ally”−supposedly visited Capitol Hill, in Feb. 2015, Obama pointedly snubbed him. But when it came to the terror-sponsor who craved to nuke his nation, who burglarized, tortured and murdered U.S. citizens without the slightest remorse–when it comes to the unrepentant Stalinist Raul Castro−U.S. president Obama somehow found a way to buttonhole and shake hands with him, everyplace, from Johannesburg South Africa, to Panama City, Panama, to New York City.  Film clips of this “bromance” here.

I say “bromance” so I can slip in the trendy term. But the term may be inaccurate because many (probably most) Cuban-Americans will tell you that Raul Castro was always considered a closet gay (“Raulita”).  

Nonetheless (or quite aptly) Castro’s is the only regime in the history of the Western hemisphere to herd tens of thousands of men and boys into forced labor camps at Soviet bayonet-point for the “crime” of being gay, genuine or suspected. "Work Will Make Men Out of You" read the sign at the Castroite prison-camp’s gate, right over the barbed wire and next to the machine gunners posted on the watchtowers. The initials for these camps were UMAP, not GULAG, but the conditions were quite similar.

A Martian comes to earth and, cursorily reading the news, would conclude that Raul Castro ruled the planets’ richest and most powerful nation and was graciously bestowing favors on a tiny and impoverished neighbor—which was also a brutal, terror-sponsoring Stalinist dictatorship with the world’s highest emigration, and suicide, rates and that DESPERATELY needed financial succor.

Many non-Martians have also marveled at historic Democratic foreign policy. “Those Americans,” snickered Brazilian President Janio Quadros to his friend Che Guevara during a Latin American summit in 1961 (JFK’s term) “seem to have a masochistic streak.”  The snickering Brazilian was mostly marveling at the Bay of Pigs and its aftermath.

As usual, the Castros sized up the current Democratic U.S. President perfectly. Upon their first visit to Havana after the announcement of the “opening,” last year for instance, Obama’s diplomats were met by a huge Russian spy ship squatting prominently and menacingly in Havana harbor. The only prop missing was a huge banner on the bow announcing: “In-Your-Face, Yankees!”

Then, no sooner had the “negotiations” begun, Castro’s KGB-trained apparatchik demanded of Obama’s Tufts University-trained “diplomat”−if the U.S. desired the honor and privilege of opening an embassy in Havana− that they must first remove Cuba from the list of terror-sponsoring nations (i.e. further open the financial floodgates) and give back Guantanamo.

In respectful response, Obama’s diplomats somehow dared to ask for the return of some of the convicted terrorists on the FBI’s most wanted list that Cuba flauntingly harbors and proudly protects from U.S. justice.

“Off the table!” shot back the Castroite apparatchik. “Out of the question!” (almost in those exact terms.)

Obama’s “negotiator,” Roberta Jacobson, quickly packed her bags and returned home. But please banish any images of Corleone consiglieri Tom Hagen quickly cutting off his meeting with Hollywood Director Jack Woltz. 

Tom Hagen, you might recall, left in a huff and Woltz promptly got a bloody horse head in his bed. Jacobson left with a smile and Castro got his blatantly terror-sponsoring crime and terror-sponsoring syndicate (euphemized as “Cuba” by the media) promptly removed from the U.S. State Department’s list of terror-sponsors. The delisting took all of five months.

We won the war!” That was Raul Castro on Dec. 20, 2014, snickering at President Obama’s recent announcement of his “rapprochement” with Cuba.

“We are going to have diplomatic relations with the United States without having ceded one iota.”  That’s convicted Cuban spy Gerardo Hernandez reacting to the same issue, on July 17, 2015. He’d been convicted by U.S. juries in U.S. federal courts of spying and conspiracy to murder three U.S. citizens. So blatant was his guilt for helping murder U.S. citizens that his convictions were upheld all the way to the Supreme Court.

Hernandez’ snickers about Raul’s streamrolling and humiliation of Obama came from Cuba itself, where Hernandez now reigns as the Stalinist regime’s current rock star. Obama returned him in short order, you see.

Castro’s reasoning went like this:  if Obama was so hell-bent in lavishing his (nearly bankrupt) Terror-and-Crime Syndicate with diplomatic benediction, and a just-in-time economic lifeline—then Raul Castro demanded that Obama return his pet murderer-spy Hernandez. And plenty pronto! Apologies for the injustices against him would also be in order!

Here it’s quite appropriate to conjure images of The Godfather. Think of the quaking landlord Signor Roberto in front of (the young) Vito Corlene “walking back” his decision to evict the poor widow Signora Colombo because of her dog. “Of course!--I’ll even lower the rent!”

Obama’s response to Don Castro’s “request” was a frantic executive order releasing convicted communist spy (against U.S. military bases) and murderer (of U.S. citizens) Gerardo Hernandez, who landed in Havana to a tumultuous communist welcome on Dec. 17, 2014.

Obama’s response to Raul Castro was probably quicker that Don Corleone’s to Jack Woltz.  That horse head, after all, probably took about a week of processing and delivery. Alas! It sent a much different message.

Humberto Fontova


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