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The Palestinian branch of the International Red Cross sullies that organiztion's integrity - Sally Zahav

by Sally Zahav

Palestinian “Red Crescent” hosts ceremony commemorating mass murderer – Int’l Red Cross refuses to get involved

In an article posted on Israel National News, Susie Dym, spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an NGO, relates how the Palestinian chapter of the International Red Cross (Red Crescent) strays from the exalted altruism on which the International Red Cross was founded. 

Ms. Dym writes:
Meet the Red Cross -  one of the world’s greatest  humanitarian movements. Greatest, until the “Palestinian” branch it opened 10 years ago succeeded in degrading the moral character of its entire international infrastructure.
The Red Cross (now Red Cross and Red Crescent) movement was founded in the 19th century by a Swiss businessman called Henri Dunant who , in 1859, became an inadvertent eyewitness to the Battle of Solferino which inflicted nearly 40,000 casualties. A horrified Dunant organized emergency aid for the thousands of Austrian and French wounded. He then proposed that all countries form societies to alleviate suffering irrespective of race, creed or color.
This was revolutionary since until that time, there was no nursing of casualties of war and no protected neutral organizations to treat soldiers on the battlefield. Dunant also promoted treatment of prisoners of war, abolition of slavery, international arbitration, disarmament, and – parenthetically or not -- the establishment of a Jewish homeland!
A worldwide noble vision
For the most part, Dunant’s noble humanist vision expanded and reigned supreme.  The Japanese Red Cross,  for example, “operates 92 Red Cross hospitals and 79 blood centers all over the country” and “conducts relief
activities when ...earthquakes ...occur in Japan”. Botswana Red Cross’s concerns are: “droughts, storms and floods”.  The Indian Red Cross Society responds to floods that affect millions by deploying “trained volunteers ...
distributing emergency supplies of tarpaulins, blankets and other aid”.  The Israeli “Red Cross” (Red Magen David, actually) is “Israel's national emergency medical, disaster,ambulance and blood bank service”. And so forth.
But the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) does not operate according to the high-minded goals of the International Red Cross  founders. Instead, it focuses on political activities, registering endless complaints about Israel, and, worse,  glorifies acts of terrorists.
When confronted by Mattot Arim with the fact that the PRCS facility served as the venue for an event commemorating the mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi, the International Red Cross attempted to deny a direct association with the PRCS. Eventually, however, they were forced to admit that the International Red Cross does give the PRCS direct support. But the bottom line is that the International Red Cross has no intention of overseeing PRCS activities, perhaps because the International Red Cross itself is tainted by its anti-Israel position, evidenced by the fact that it only accepted Israel's David Magen Adom as a chapter of the global organization in 2006.

There is much more. Read the entire article

Sally Zahav

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