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The tortuous intelligence ties between PLO founder Yasser Arafat and former Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu - Reuven Berko

by Reuven Berko

Original Title: "A servant of two masters"

-- a documented, scandalous iceberg of tit-for-tat relations that existed for years between a number of countries and leaders of the various Palestinian groups

In his book "Red Horizons: The True Story of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescus' Crimes, Lifestyle, and Corruption," the former chief of Romania's foreign intelligence, Ion Mihai Pacepa, covers the tortuous intelligence ties between Palestine Liberation Organization founder Yasser Arafat and former Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu. 

The revealing book, which Pacepa wrote after defecting to the U.S., does not skip over reports of cooperation and sensational revelations about the relationship between Arafat and his chief bodyguard, as exposed by his host nation's spy network. 

This was the tip of a documented, scandalous iceberg of tit-for-tat relations that existed for years between a number of countries and leaders of the various Palestinian groups, which were characterized by those countries exploiting the Palestinians' murderous desires and directing their goals and efforts beyond terrorist attacks against Israel, toward undermining each other using Palestinian terrorists-for-hire. 

Supposedly, the leaders of the Palestinian terrorist organizations were operating in the name of "the Palestinian problem." Actually, they were operating out of greed and careerist considerations, quite the opposite of the Palestinian people's declared goals of "liberation and self-determination." This is the sick evil that has accompanied the Palestinians' failed attempts to reach self-determination. 

For years, Arab leaders cynically used the slogan of fighting Israel as a call to unite the ranks and funnel the anger of the masses. That claim was even the basis for paternalistic ties between "socialist" governing parties in Arab states (such as Baath in Syria and Iraq) and leaders of Palestinian terrorist groups such as the Palestinian Arab Front, the Saaqa (Popular Liberation Forces), Abu Musa (Fatah al-Intifada), and others who acted as these groups' agents. Similar relations were forged by traditional Islamic states in the Persian Gulf, such as Qatar, which supported the Balad party, Hamas, the Islamic Movement, and Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide as part of its internal security interests and regional foreign policy. 

This operating principle, which used Palestinian terrorist groups as contractors to carry out foreign goals, existed between revisionist communist states -- first and foremost the former Soviet Union -- and leaders of the Palestinian rejectionist organizations. This was the period in which current Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his "dinosaur" cronies were reaching out to various countries and spy agencies. 

Indeed, acting on behalf of these masters, the Palestinians supplied spy services against their brothers and against the states that took them in, as well as global subversion and terrorism, unrelated to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In return, Palestinian soldiers of fortune got a package deal that included shelter, false documents, freedom of movement, military training, weapons, money, medical treatment, and bribes -- even faked doctorates, like the one Abbas has, on delusional and false subjects, such as denial of the Holocaust. 

The Arab Spring brought down the house of cards and the regional catastrophe caused the Palestinian terrorists to fall from grace. There is a good reason why, with the PA municipal elections drawing near, Abbas is being accused of being a Bahai and a spy for the KGB, and Mohammed Dahlan is trying to oust him and run for PA president himself. Dahlan has been condemned by Abbas' people as corrupt and a spy for the CIA, and his camp returned fire by accusing Abbas of a surprising willingness to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the backing of his "master," Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The Bible described Ishmael as one whose "hand shall be against everyone and everyone's hand against him" (Genesis 16:12) and in the end, the Palestinians will blame this too on Israel.

Reuven Berko

Source: http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_opinion.php?id=17151

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