Friday, June 23, 2017

Rafael Reveals New Laser-Interception System - Amir Rapaport

by Amir Rapaport

Developed by Rafael's Air Superiority Systems Division, the Drone Dome is designed to intercept UAVs using laser beams

Israeli companies are drawing great interest at the Paris Air Show – the world's largest and most important aerospace exhibition taking place this week in Le Bourget.

At the exhibition, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled its new laser-interception system designed to provide air defense against hostile drones (micro- and nano-UAVs) – the Drone Dome. The system detects, identifies, tracks, and neutralizes hostile drones operated by terrorist elements in no-fly zones for the purpose of carrying out attacks, gathering intelligence and other activities 
The company revealed that the Drone Dome system is now integrated with a light beam; it uses laser technology that incinerates the drone with its payloads. The system is developed by the company's Air Superiority Systems Division, headed by Yossi Druker. This kind of laser causes no environmental damage, says Yossi Horowitz, deputy director of the marketing division.

Col. (res.) Meir Bash, director of business development at the division, said during the exhibition that "You can't argue with the results – the laser incinerates the drone."

Israel Defense has learned that a high-level government discussion will soon be scheduled to determine who is responsible for the country's anti-drone protection

Amir Rapaport


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