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Trump Exposes What Real Privilege Looks Like in America - Scott Mayer

by Scott Mayer

What is write privilege?

Social justice warriors periodically riot and wreak havoc in cities across the United States, fighting for imaginary “rights” and targeting certain Americans for their (fill-in-the-blank) “_______ privilege.” Yet they turn a blind eye to a hugely unjust and oppressive form of societal advantage that has permeated our society for far too long. One that, following the election of Donald Trump, has become so conspicuous that it needs to be rightly identified for what it is -- write privilege. 

What is write privilege? It’s the unfair advantage certain “more equal than other” individuals possess, allowing positive words (sometimes fictional) to be written or spoken about them on a wide scale within the media and, if necessary, have virtually any misdeed covered up, flatly ignored or at least framed in the most positive light possible.

Write privilege is a benefit based purely upon the color of an individual’s politics, which must reside on the far-left end of the spectrum. Additionally, temporary write privilege is occasionally afforded to those who are useful idiots in forwarding the far-left progressive agenda (think John McCain). 

Write privilege is the entrenched institution that allowed an individual such as Hillary Clinton to rest easy in her ambulatory limo/van knowing virtually nothing would be printed or said (or the bare minimum when impossible to ignore) in the mainstream media about the numerous scandals surrounding her. And as if that weren’t privilege enough, she even received debate questions ahead of time during the campaign. 

President Trump pointed out this social injustice perfectly in two recent tweets:
Sorry, Mr. President, you don’t possess this thing called write privilege. A partisan witch hunt can be extended almost indefinitely against any individual lacking it. The power of write privilege can be used equally to either build up, or tear down. And once the MSM is fully engaged in a narrative, it’s like watching an enormous flock of starlings fly in one direction and then all suddenly turn on a dime. 

Some examples of write privilege in addition to Clinton include: Obama being built up as a constitutional scholar, receiving a pre-Nobel Prize and the media silence on the his administration's unmasking of Trump people; Trayvon Martin being turned into an innocent little boy and the Michael Brown “Hands up don’t shoot” false narrative. 

On the flip side, Dr. Ben Carson learned the hard way that a lack of write privilege can turn even a pediatric brain surgeon into a bumbling idiot overnight. And of course, we now have Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia. 

Since write privilege is not merit-based, it leaves many who benefit from its fruits with the impression that they that they’re more important or talented than they actually are. Case in point: write privilege has clearly infected what some are currently trying to pass off as comedy. Several comedians (and Stephen Colbert) have gone off the deep end with TDS (Trump derangement syndrome), to the detriment of their craft. It was Sid Caesar that said: “comedy has to be based on truth.” No wonder there isn’t much to laugh about on late-night TV lately.

Watching the likes of Seth Meyers breaking Sid’s rule while smugly hiding behind his write privilege is truly painful to watch. Which is why I don’t, unless I happen to accidently stumble upon one of his futile attempts at “humor.”

Sporting what truly is a creepy grin, imagine if Seth found himself on the wrong side of write privilege. Saying merely one positive word about Trump could cause a seemingly innocent interaction with a child to be “interpreted” in a way that would lead to a long, drawn-out, painful ordeal in the public eye. And once the forces of write privilege were being used against him (fully knowing the allegations were untrue) the charades could continue in the hopes he would make some legal miss-step during the “investigative process.”

Fortunately for Seth, he has plenty of stock in write privilege and even if he held a Sharia compliant view on adult/child relations, it’s unlikely his reputation with the Left would be fully destroyed. Just ask Roman Polanski. 

The bottom line is that the institution of write privilege is controlled by the mainstream media, academia and Hollywood (AKA the Democratic Party) and is used to hide certain inconvenient truths and alternatively, to create needed “truths” where none exist. As it turns out, CNN has been exposed as nothing but a bunch of write supremacists. 

It is progressives who are comfortable lying about or doing anything (including violence) to control their far-left agenda while liberty-loving Americans believe the best cure for write privilege is full-spectrum sunlight. The new media is doing an excellent job bringing that much-needed sunlight. But unlike most Republicans who crumble before those with write privilege, Trump is bypassing it altogether by tweeting his message directly to the American people. As one would expect, this is causing a massive write-lash from mainstream media outlets everywhere.

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