Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Israel's counter to the Arab MKs' UN resolution - Nitzan Keidar

by Nitzan Keidar

Israeli Ambassador to the UN tells Arutz Sheva Israel plans to add condemnation of PA laws to Arab MK's resolution against Nationality Law.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon told Arutz Sheva that the Israeli government is considering a response to the initiative of several Arab MKs to promote a resolution condemning Israel and the recently passed Nationality Law at the UN.

"We did not have a majority in the General Assembly, but we proved a few weeks ago that we also have ways to fight the General Assembly," Danon said. "When a resolution was brought to condemn Israel - we fought together with the American delegation for a decision to condemn Hamas. To the surprise of many we succeeded in forming a majority of 62 countries that supported us against other countries."

According to Danon, the Israeli government is considering another counter-proposal to the new resolution pushed for by the Arab MKs, again with American support. "It is possible that this time we will also make a proposal on issues related to the Palestinian Authority, perhaps to the salaries of the terrorists that they pay, and we will not sit idly by and allow them to condemn Israel."

The Israeli ambassador says that the Palestinian Authorioty delegation at the UN knows that Israel is fighting in every international arena: "The Palestinians know that we are not leaving the arena and allowing decisions that will pass unilaterally. They must take into account that any initiative that interferes with the internal affairs of the State of Israel will be answered in our response to what is happening in the Palestinian Authority."

"We have yet to see a draft of the resolution," said Danon, "but we certainly hear about it in the UN corridors. This connection of Knesset members from the Joint List with the Palestinian delegation is nothing new. It only made headlines in Israel now, but this is something that has been gaining momentum in recent years."

He said that "this situation began in 2016 when MK Ayman Odeh appealed to the UN secretary-general and demanded a commission of inquiry to examine the issue of the Arab minority in Israel. In 2017, MK Tibi came to an event aimed at slandering IDF soldiers and the State of Israel. "

"Even today, MK Aida Toma-Suleiman is in New York, working to defame Israel and to create a de-legitimization of the national law, thereby helping the Palestinian delegation that is trying to advance a resolution condemning Israel."

Nitzan Keidar


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