Friday, October 12, 2018

Israel has exclusive rights to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, government publication asserts - Yori Yalon

by Yori Yalon

Book by Jerusalem Affairs ‎and Heritage Ministry presents arguments by some of the world's top jurists, refuting allegations that Israeli presence in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria violates international law

The cover of a compilation asserting Israeli sovereignty over 
Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

A new government publication states, for the first ‎time, that Israel has an exclusive right to Jerusalem ‎and Judea and ‎Samaria. ‎

The book, titled "Israel's Right as of Jerusalem and ‎Judea and Samaria," is a compilation of materials ‎and lectures first presented at a Jerusalem Affairs ‎and Heritage Ministry symposium last year, which was ‎attended by some of the world's leading jurists and ‎diplomats. ‎

The symposium, led by Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage ‎Minister Zeev Elkin, was held as part of the ‎ministry's international program to bolster ‎Jerusalem's status as Israel's capital.‎

The book has been printed in several hundred copies, ‎to be distributed in Israel's missions worldwide and ‎to top foreign diplomats, jurists and leaders of ‎public opinion.‎

The ministry said this was the first time a book ‎dealing with the issue of Israeli sovereignty over ‎Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria has been published.‎

‎"For years, we have had to tolerate the false ‎message that Israel's very presence in reunified ‎Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria are a violation of ‎international law," said ministry Director General ‎Ran Yishai. ‎

‎"The world's top jurists have refuted this notion, ‎but they have been all but silenced by a pro-Arab campaign ‎using false legal arguments to justify international ‎bodies and countries' anti-Israeli policy," he said.

‎"Now, the State of Israel has put together arguments ‎by some of the world's greatest legal experts, ‎including by some who have personally shaped ‎international law, that prove Israel is in the right ‎even when faced with legal bullying in the ‎international arena," Yishai concluded. ‎

Yori Yalon


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