Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The choice for America is simple – Susan Collins or Linda Sarsour - Jack Engelhard

by Jack Engelhard

America has to decide if it wants to identify with a senator who speaks of American values and embodies them, or with a pro-sharia, anti- Trumper. Which is going to be The American Way?

As we get it, the women’s movement is largely about a woman’s right to choose. How odd that they’ve chosen a sharia advocate as their leader, Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour, part of the wave of Palestinian Arabs who’ve entered this country over the past few years, stands for wife beating, honor killings and female genital mutilation. That is sharia and those are the rules where she comes from. She never leaves the house without the Islamic head-covering.  

Which is her statement that she supports all of that and intends to make it The American Way.  

But do certain American women know this? If yes, we need to be informed that everything has changed for the members of the Women’s March…which she leads.

These women, then, want to be governed by men with the whip. Or so it surely seems. (Not all women are so easily fooled. Courtney Love calls her an “anti-Semitic terrorist.”)

Or maybe they do not know Linda Sarsour fundamentally, but follow her reflexively because if anybody knows how to act like an aggrieved party, she does.

That is her heritage from a people who know how to act aggrieved better than anyone else on earth. It is the Palestinian Way.

It is also a way to insert the Palestinian Arab “cause” into any country at every event. As if everybody needs this headache.

America never asked for it but we got it just the same.

So expect her at any protest against Christians and Jews and Israel. How this is a feminist cause is anybody’s guess, unless basic anti-Semitism is the basic answer.

In particular, wherever people gather to go shrieking against the Jewish State, there you will find Linda Sarsour, front, center and foremost…in the hijab…which is hardly the symbol of female empowerment.  

Likewise, she is there at the head when certain women go marching against President Trump.

Can there be more than one Linda Sarsour? Because she is everywhere.

Most recently we saw her protesting against Brett Kavanaugh, who finally made it to the Supreme Court after suffering through weeks of false charges.

During the tempest, she led protest marches against his confirmation throughout Washington, D.C. and elsewhere. How is this a “Palestinian cause?”

How is EVERYTHING a Palestinian cause?

Hours ago, the Palestinian cause came home to two Israeli civilians who were brutally slain execution style by a Palestinian Arab who likely shares Linda Sarsour’s “grievances.”

Terror tactics were used to corner and frighten Republican senators.

As the vote for Kavanaugh hung in the balance, one GOP senator in particular, Susan Collins of Maine, refused to be intimidated.

Collins spoke as an American. She refuted the claims against Kavanaugh. In a powerful 40 minute speech on the Senate floor she asked for civility, and pleaded for “fairness” above all.

Sarsour swiftly tagged her as a model of “white supremacy.”

Then adding that Collins is the “mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency.”

Now “white women” are also bad? Yet they follow her and cheer her. This is nuts.

At the upcoming midterm elections, the choice is clear – Collins or Sarsour for America and the American Way.

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