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No Room in the Inn for Asia Bibi this Christmas - Jules Gomes

by Jules Gomes

The door of Theresa May’s Intersectional Inn remains shut to a persecuted Pakistani Christian.

Like Joseph, Mary and Jesus fleeing the murderous King Herod, Asia Bibi and her family will spend Christmas dodging murderous Muslim mobs in Pakistan. Not a single Western country has made room in the immigration inn for the world’s most famous persecuted Christian.

Theresa May, Britain’s Christian PM, has opened Britain’s Intersectional Inn to Syrian Muslims, hate preachers, returning jihadis and gays hounded for being homosexual. But the door of May’s Intersectional Inn remains shut to a Pakistani Christian who has spent eight years on death row for the crime of blasphemy.

Intersectionality is the West’s new religion. Your value depends on how many victim groups you belong to. A one-eyed, black, lesbian, Palestinian, Muslim woman gets the gold medal. A heterosexual, black, woman, is awarded silver. A white, gay, American male is at the bottom with a bronze medal.

The religion of identity politics has a great commandment—love your neighbor depending on their position on the totem pole of intersectionality.

The high priests of this religion are innkeepers holding the keys to the doors to the Intersectional Inn. On merit alone, Asia Bibi should be accorded a red carpet welcome in the Intersectional Inn. Bibi is a colored (20 points) woman (20 points), who has been brutalized by Pakistan’s patriarchy (25 points). She is a low-class (10 points) and low-caste (20 points) farm laborer (15 points). She has rotted on death row facing the death penalty (30 points) for eight years for a crime she did not commit (15 points).

That’s a whopping 155 points on Bibi’s scorecard. Taking a leaf from the Jim Acosta School of Journalism, the Messiahs of Migration should be snatching media megaphones and demanding open borders for Asia Bibi and her family.

So why has Britain refused Asia Bibi asylum? The Home Office told Pakistani Christians campaigning on her behalf that Bibi’s “moving to the UK would cause security concerns and unrest among certain sections of the community and would also be a security threat to British embassies abroad which might be targeted by Islamist terrorists”.
Islam is a religion of peace, isn’t it? Why, then, is our Islamophiliac Home Office so terrified? Is it because protestors in Pakistan have already caused damage in the region of £900 million, bringing the country to a standstill? Or is it because a Chamberlain, not a Churchill, heads our government?

When Fiona Bruce MP asked Mrs May about Pakistan’s Supreme Court verdict overturning Bibi’s death sentence, with adroit subterfuge the PM replied that the UK was committed to the global abolition of the death penalty. Note, she did not say we were committed to the abolition of Islam’s reprehensible blasphemy law.

Because May, a globalist, favors the European Court of Human Rights, which recently maintained it was a crime to call Muhammad a pedophile. Traitor Theresa is a female Faust who trades what is left of Britain’s Christian soul with the Muslim Mephistopheles in exchange for her political survival.

What then, of the progressive brigade and their first cousins in the Church of England? Do we see women bishops wearing ‘pussy hats’ and demanding justice for Bibi? Why has Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, not flung open Lambeth Palace to this Christian refugee? A couple of years ago Welby persuaded the Home Office to get a Muslim Syrian refugee family into his studio flat. “Jesus was a refugee!” bellowed Welby. Cat got your tongue now, Archbishop?

In 2016, the Home Office gave visas to Muslim clerics Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman who began their tour by visiting Welby at Lambeth Palace for “interfaith relations”. In Pakistan, the duo is infamous for promoting Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. Taseer wanted to end Pakistan’s blasphemy law. He specifically opposed Asia Bibi’s execution. Perhaps Judas Iscariot could take correspondence courses from you, eh Archbishop?

And why have lesbian activist Jayne Ozanne and her pals like Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, not rushed to Bibi’s advocacy? The Ozanne Foundation works “with religious organizations around the world to eliminate discrimination based on sexuality or gender in order to celebrate the equality and diversity of all”. Could it be because Asia Bibi is not a lesbian, Jayne?

Bishp Bayes proudly marches for Gay Pride. When it comes being proud of persecuted Christians we haven’t heard a peep from this social justice warrior. The only person proud to be a Christian in this comedy of intersectional errors is Asia Bibi. “I will not convert. I believe in my religion and Jesus Christ. And why should I be the one to convert and not you?” Asia Bibi boldly asks staring her executioners in the face.

Now you can understand why the Left doesn’t want Bibi in the Intersectional Inn. Bibi believes in Jesus Christ. She confesses Jesus as the only way to salvation. For Bibi, Jesus and Muhammad are not interchangeable. For Bibi, Jesus is God’s Son; Muhammad is a mere man. Her exclusive belief in Jesus as her Savior excludes her from the hierarchy of intersectionality.

Why? First, the belief that all religions are basically the same and one religion is no better than another is a cardinal doctrine of progressivism. Asia Bibi must be blamed for her stubbornness in not converting to the religion of peace!

Second, Muslims are at peak of the pyramid in the hierarchy of intersectionality. Not surprisingly, Britain was quick to offer asylum to Malala Yousufzai, the teenage Muslim girl shot by the Taliban. The Big Lie is that Muslims are victims and Christians are oppressors. Since it was wicked Western missionaries who took the gospel to Pakistanis—Asia Bibi must renounce her Christianity and return to Islam.

Third, being a Christian is equivalent to having white privilege. This is a dogma that stands on feet of clay because, (a) Christianity is originally an Asian religion, and, (b) the truth is that the persecution facing Christians is the largest human rights violation issue in the world today.

Fourth, by definition, a biblical Christian betrays the fraternity of victimhood. Unlike Jayne Ozanne, Asia Bibi does not regard herself a victim. She believes she is a victor in Christ because by his death and resurrection Christ has conquered Satan, sin and death. No wonder she’s held to her faith for eight years while in a Pakistani prison where even the guards are waiting to poison her food.

Fifth, the cult of cultural Marxism, which includes progressive Christians, hates orthodox Christianity. That’s why it has structured its Olympics of Oppression to exclude Christianity by default. Written into its rulebook is the statue: Christianity cannot be a category of oppression. You may be black or gay but coming out of the closet as a confessing Christian disqualifies you by default.

Persecuted Christians, be they black or brown, will never be accepted in Theresa May’s (or, for that matter, Justin Trudeau’s) Intersectional Inn—which stands exposed by Bibi’s exclusion as one gigantic fraud. The only Western leaders to welcome persecuted Christians are so-called far right, racist, nationalist, white supremacist, anti-immigrant, anti-open border, populists like Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who has offered Asia Bibi asylum in Italy.

May God bless the populists and may their popularity increase!

The Rev. Dr. Jules Gomes, BA, BD, MTh, PhD (Cantab) is a journalist, academic and editor of Rebel Priest (www.julesgomes.com).

Source: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/272313/no-room-inn-asia-bibi-christmas-jules-gomes

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