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In their wildest fantasies - Dr. Reuven Berko

by Dr. Reuven Berko

The Palestinians are trampling on the verses of the Quran that hold that the Jewish people are the chosen people, the inheritors of the land, who will return from all corners of the earth to their promised land.

The High Court of Justice is set to deliberate in the coming days whether the nation-state law should be changed so that "the right of return" will serve as a counterweight to the Law of Return, thereby allowing the Palestinians to drown Israel in hordes of "refugees" with knowledge of murder and rape that will "return" from the killing fields in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq to realize a peaceful state from the river to the sea. Funnily enough, that river of which they speak is located right here in Israel. While Arab countries maintain a partnership of interests with us against Iran and abandon the Palestinians' illusions of a "return and a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem," the Palestinians can take comfort in the Israel hatred popular in those countries of peace, where they stomp on our flag and defiantly oppose their dictatorial governments.

In the meantime, the Palestinians continue to engage in a collective battle against Israel's survival. In the racist trial of Issam Akel, sentenced to life in prison and heavy labor, the Palestinians declared it forbidden to sell land to Jews.

This is absurd. All the man did was sell the land back to its legal owners. These are properties the Muslims conquered from the Byzantines in 638 C.E. and which were returned to their Jewish owners in 1967. But from the Islamists' point of view, the rights of the owners of these forcibly conquered lands have expired. Now the Palestinian raiders pretend to be the landowners in our country.

Did the descendants of the Arab feudalists from Lebanon, who sold lands to Jews in the 19tth century, also put their parents on trial?

The Palestinians are trampling on the verses of the Quran that hold that the Jewish people are the chosen people, the inheritors of the land, who will return from all corners of the earth to their promised land. If the Jewish people have disappeared, as they claim to be the case, was the Prophet Muhammad anything more than a historian? They also trample on Christianity. At the same time as they pride themselves on being the "defenders of Christian sites," they claim the story of the First Temple in Jerusalem is a lie and that it was in fact built by our patriarch Abraham in Yemen. Well, if that is the case, where do they think Jesus, "the first Palestinian victim," spent his time? If there was no Jewish temple in Jerusalem, Jesus must necessarily be a legend.

Against the background of the upcoming elections, the former secretary general of the Balad party, Awad Abdul-Fatah, called on Israeli Arabs not to vote. He said the Israeli Left had been weakened and that the dream of turning Israel into a Palestinian state from the river to the sea through political means had expired. Describing Arab lawmakers in the Knesset as "fig leaves" to an "apartheid state," he called for the creation of a "popular alternative for the liberation of Palestine through the strengthening of the Arab street."

In the morning, the Palestinians contemplate the use of terror, and at night they plot to incite Arab citizens of Israel against the regimes of "betrayal and peace." Their activists, the members of the Joint Arab List, work to sow division and "popular resistance," meaning a mass violent revolt to leverage a Western boycott of Israel, use Israel's autoimmune justice system to weaken the country and enlist its supporters on the Left as agents of influence for the idea of national suicide through the creation of a "Palestinian state from the river to the sea."

The Palestinians repeatedly whisper in the Left's ears that our existence here is only temporary and that the Arab street now rising up will yet have its say. Indeed, the demographics and Palestinian schemes unite our ranks, but only the nation-state law will regulate the threat. The trends of incitement in Israel and Jordan are a warning sign of the illusions that "wolves and sheep will live together in peace" (Isaiah 11:6) and instead lead us to the desired solution, which is that the Gaza Strip should go to Egypt and the current demilitarized Palestinian enclave in Judea and Samaria to Jordan. This will result in a unity of language – Arabic, faith – Islam, a flag – four colors, demographics – mostly Palestinian, and history, as it would be another false invention straight out of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement between France and Britain. Those Israeli Arabs interested in joining them would be more than welcome to do so.

The Palestinians are selling a combination of illusions, historical fiction and Israel hatred. Among Arab states, there are those who are now waking up from the brainwashing they've endured. It is only here in Israel that we continue to cooperate with the fraudulent ploy.

Dr. Reuven Berko


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