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The Muslim Brotherhood Plan in Europe for a Global Caliphate - Rami Dabass

by Rami Dabass

Today, the Muslim Brotherhood has the most extensive network of completely legal organizations in the Old World, while they retain the closest of ties with the Salafis and jihadists, which makes them even more dangerous than the militant radicals.

European media activists have found more than 180 Islamic organizations in Europe that, under the category of non-governmental human rights associations, are promoting the idea of creating a global caliphate and fighting against opponents of the Islamization of Europe. And they do it with the money of European taxpayers and the countries of the Middle East. Since 2010, when the main funding began, these organizations have received more than $300 million. Most of the organizations are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood international movement, which is banned in many countries. This movement has the same goal with other organizations banned in most of countries of the world, including Al-Qaida and the Islamic State: the creation of a worldwide caliphate. But it is only now that other, non-violent methods are bringing these Muslims closer to their goal of conquering Europe. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood has the most extensive network of completely legal organizations in the Old World, while they retain the closest of ties with the Salafis and jihadists, which makes them even more dangerous than the militant radicals.

Their goal is to create a global caliphate

They organize European Muslims, they speak for them, they represent them, and today they are their loudest voice, whether European Muslims like it or not. The largest number of these Islamic movements is found in the UK, followed by Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and France. These Islamic organizations were created and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and have Egyptian roots, as well as ties to the Palestinian jihad movement Hamas, and the State Religious Administration of Turkey, known as Diyanet.

Most politicians are fooled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and at the same time, they use them to advance for their own agenda. The Islamists do not declare their real goals to the European public. Therefore, we are trying to show their tactics and ties to the jihadists and Sharia supremacists. According to the Brotherhood operatives, they are fighting against “Islamophobia”; this fight is the main objective of these organizations. For that, they receive official funding, mainly since 2010. The European Commission and the governments of Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and Norway allocated $155 million to the Islamist activities of Islamic organizations. Another $157 million went to their accounts from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA — from governments, charitable foundations, private individuals and royal families. For example, in 2014, the Danish Islamic Organization received 20 million euros from the government of Qatar, and from the League of Muslims in Belgium, nearly 1.1 million.

In fact, in the fight against “Islamophobia,” Islamists promote the claim that Islam is peaceful, and they carry on campaigns against those who oppose the Islamization of the European society. They put pressure on those who decide to tell the truth. A tough fight is being promoted even in social networks. For example, Facebook has a group, Report Anti-Islamic Pages, with more than 11 thousand participants. Led by people from Pakistan, they collect data about all users and groups which, in their opinion, advocate anti-Islamic policies. For example, they bombarded the administration of the social networks and Facebook with letters called for the blocking of the “Republic of Atheists” group, which had 1.6 million participants.

At the same time, most European politicians only see the fight against “Islamophobia” as Islamic organizations simply promoting the rights of Muslims. That was the statement of the President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen. In April, he said at one of the TV channels that all European women should wear headscarves as a sign of solidarity with Muslim women.

According to activists, one of the active sponsors of efforts to combat “Islamophobia” is the billionaire George Soros. Over the past six years, his organization, the Open Society Foundation, has allocated $ 1.5 million in support of the Islamist organizations.

Billionaires such as George Soros donate cash to support groups which later will create chaos in Europe. Activists say that several cases of sponsoring organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood could be attributed to be a mistake, but this is a matter of numerous grants. Their main recipient is the European Network Against Racism (ENAR). Its entire leadership is made up of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including director Michel Privot. Prior to that, he was vice president of the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organization, which protects the rights of Muslim youth and is part of the global network of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another organization funded by the George Soros Foundation is the association for the promotion of Islam in Germany. According to the Wall Street Journal, it has connections with the Muslim Brotherhood. 60% of the organization is funded by the countries of the Arab Gulf states, and it is located in the German capital in the same building with two Islamist organizations, under the supervision of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Bavaria, with links with the Muslim Brotherhood. The building itself belongs to the European party functionary El Zayat.

The scope of investment in European Islam is impressive. In early May 2017, the largest mosque in Scandinavia, able to hold 2,000 believers, opened in Malmö, Sweden. The construction cost more than 3 million euros, paid by Qatar. In Finland, the royal family of Bahrain is ready to give $151 million for the construction of the grand mosque, but the project has caused fierce debate in Helsinki, and its approval has been postponed. In the capital of Finland, there are already several mosques, and the new one will be twice as large as the main Lutheran cathedral.

They are building a parallel society

In Sweden, there was no debate about the construction of a mosque, although this year the country’s Emergency Situations Agency published a report which bluntly states that the Muslim Brotherhood is building a parallel society in the country with its values, ​​and in the future it will threaten the country’s cohesion.

Brotherhood members tell their brethren in other countries: try to have your own small society inside a big one, otherwise you will melt in it like salt in water. What has preserved Jewish identity in recent centuries is their small communities, which were unique in their ideas and rituals and were called Jewish ghettoes. Try to have your own Muslim ghetto, in the words of the unofficial ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.

The study of the state institution directly states: in Sweden an ideological network of associations and organizations has been created, and European democracy can be an excellent tool for achieving the caliphate. On the one hand, Islamists are difficult to blame, because in defense of their activities they talk about equality and the promotion of religious rights and freedom of opinion. On the other hand, they actively promote their interests through business and politics. This work can influence Swedish society, even through various EU directives and its policies in individual areas,.

Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror

Political Islam as a concept divides our societies and leads to radicalization. And the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists act as its drivers. Due to the closed nature of Muslim communities, which are growing by leaps and bounds due to the influx of refugees, most ordinary Europeans are not aware of what is happening inside them. Muslims are trying to use sharia laws among European Muslims, and they try to force their women to wear hijabs.

At the same time, most of the inhabitants of the Old World do not notice how Islam slowly but surely enters their lives. Even through the food. For example, halal food cooked according to Sharia rules has become familiar in the West. According to Reuters, in 2015, spending on halal food was around to $1.1 trillion, and brought in revenues of nearly $414 billion. In Europe, due to the ritual killing of animals with throat-cutting, halal food was banned in Denmark, Switzerland, and recently in Belgium. In the rest of Europe, it is freely sold and generates income. According to the journalist Alexander Del Valle, in France 60% of halal food is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, since the Islamist organizations of this party certify the products, and without it they cannot be considered halal. In France, the Union of Islamic Organizations of France includes about 200 associations. In other countries, activists call the Islamic Center in Munich, the Islamic Center in Aachen, and the Finnish Islamic Association, which is recognized as a terrorist group by the UAE for financing and training jihadis.

Europeans also face the ugly side of Islamization. However, this doesn’t happen often, so far; it is usually only when it affects their personal interests, or scandalous details of the inner life of Muslim communities are revealed. For example, in 2014, Islamists in several schools tried to start training jihadis in Birmingham, and in May 2017 a scandal shook Denmark: a video of Imam Mundhir Abdullah’s sermon in the Copenhagen mosque appeared on the Internet. Against the background of the black flag featuring the shahada (the inscription “There is no god other than Allah and Muhammad is his prophet”), he quoted in Arabic the Hadith that Judgment Day would not come until Muslims defeated the Jews and killed them. The imam also said that a caliphate would soon appear, which would start a war to unite Muslim society and lead to the liberation from the Zionists of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

However, the terrorist attacks in Europe and the entry of hundreds of Europeans into the ranks of the Islamic State have already shown what benefits Islamization can bring to Europe. In Denmark, a 17-year-old girl is accused of planning to blow up two schools, including a Jewish school in Copenhagen.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other such groups do not openly display their ties with recognized jihadis, convincing everyone around them in their peace-loving nature. However, they are directly related to Salafis and jihadists. For example, the organization Global Campaign against Aggression (GAAC), which appeared immediately after the start of the second US war in Iraq in 2003. Representing itself as a non-governmental, independent, peaceful and educational campaign, GAAC is an umbrella organization with Salafis (Wahhabis), jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas gathered under its roof, some of whom are recognized by the US and Europe as terrorists — so says the report of the Muslim Brotherhood Center for Study in 2017. Thus, the secretary general of the organization, Safar Al-Hawali, is considered one of Osama bin Laden’s teachers. He endorsed the September 11 attacks in the United States and called for jihad against the Americans and their allies. And the president of GAAC, Abdul Rahman bin Oumar al-Nuai, was recognized by Washington as one of the sponsors of Al-Qaida. The organization itself, according to the author Steven Merley, is an attempt to unite the Islamic jihad forces under one roof in order to oppose the Americans and their allies. At the same time, as the report says, the Muslim Brotherhood itself does not hide its desire to conquer Europe.

Al-Qaradawi himself said that Islam would return to Europe as a conqueror and winner after it had been expelled twice. He explained it in detail in the following way: It seems that the next conquest, as Allah desires, will occur through preaching and ideology; the words of the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood are quoted in the report.

To confirm these words, a video appeared on Facebook. It showed a scene in a German city as one of the Islamic preachers climbed the monument’s pedestal and loudly told others that after several generations, Germany would become an Islamic country and Germany’s daughters would marry Muslims.

For those who don’t know, the spiritual mentor of Osama bin Laden was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Abdullah Azzam. He is the Number One Terrorist whom Osama met at a university in Saudi Arabia. “People at the university changed him. He became a different person, Aliya Ganem, Osama bin Laden’s mother, told The Guardian in August 2017. – He was a very good child, until he met some people who largely brainwashed him when he was a little over 20 years old.”

Rami Dabass


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