Monday, January 7, 2019

Pelosi and Warren obviously need a history lesson - Jack Hellner

by Jack Hellner

On the corrupt, immoral, authoritarian Democratic Party that caters to the rich and powerful.

Nancy Pelosi said it looks as if Trump just wants to abolish Congress and that a border wall is immoral. Elizabeth Warren says the Republican Party is corrupt and caters to the rich and powerful. It is obvious to me that they must be referring to Obama, the Clintons, and themselves when they are claiming to talk about Republicans and especially Trump.

Here is just a small sample of what Pelosi, Warren, Obama, the Clintons, and other Democrats have done over the years where the media and other Democrats not only didn't care, but supported the moves wholeheartedly.

Obama, the authoritarian, couldn't get DACA through Congress, so he dictatorially and unconstitutionally implemented it. Pelosi didn't care about Obama usurping congressional authority.

When Obamacare came up short of funds, Obama didn't go through Congress for appropriations. Obama, the corrupt authoritarian, just illegally stole taxpayer money from other sources. Pelosi and other Democrats didn't care.

The immoral and corrupt Obama and others continually lied to the public to get Obamacare passed. The authoritarian Pelosi dictatorially told the Democrat minions in the House to vote for Obamacare without reading it. They wouldn't want the public to see what freedoms the Democrats were taking away. What would Pelosi, the media, and other Democrats say if bankers told their borrowers they should sign the loan documents before they read them? They will tell them later what the payment is, what the interest rate is, and what collateral they are taking. I am sure that would not be OK. Yet when the authoritarian, corrupt, immoral Democrats did that when they passed Obamacare most of the media cheered.

The authoritarian Obama didn't go through Congress to get permission to pay Iran in unmarked bills. The authoritarian, corrupt, immoral Obama even dictatorially stopped an investigation into drug running by a terrorist group to appease Iran and goose his legacy. I didn't see Pelosi and other Democrats say a word about this despicable act by Obama. How many deaths from opiates are OK to appease the terrorist-sponsoring Iran that pledges death to America?

The corrupt, immoral Obama rewarded rich and powerful supporters with contracts and jobs handing out taxpayer money like candy. I am sure that the contracts were not awarded to the middle class and poor that Warren pretends to care about, but I have never seen a word from Warren talking about Obama catering to the rich and powerful.

The corrupt, immoral Obama stole money from other more secure creditors to reward political supporters in the GM bankruptcy. I didn't see Pelosi and others care that he intentionally violated the nation's bankruptcy laws. 

The immoral, corrupt, power-hungry Clintons physically and mentally abused multiple women over the years. Women who dared tell the truth about Bill's proclivities had to be destroyed. Pelosi, Warren, the media, and other Democrats supported putting the corrupt, immoral Clintons back in the White House.

The greedy, corrupt, immoral Clintons gave tremendous access to countries that were willing to fork over big bucks to the Clinton Foundation or the Clintons personally. The corrupt, immoral Obama administration, including the "independent" Justice Department, willingly looked the other way, even allowing the sale of Uranium One to the dangerous Russians. I would ask Warren if the poor and middle class were given access to Hillary the way the rich were.

It is immoral, corrupt, and dangerous for Democrats to encourage people to come into the U.S. illegally. It is a shame they are willing to put so many children and women at risk. When Democrats like Schumer were trolling for votes and acting tough on illegal immigration, they voted for border barriers. The fact that they are willing to shut down government instead of funding border barriers now shows how dishonest they are.

The immoral and corrupt Obama and Hillary left people to die in Benghazi while concocting a lie about a video because their political power was much more important than the truth. How immoral is it to lie to the families of those who died along with the public because they liked political power? How immoral is it of Pelosi, Warren, the media, and other Democrats to not care about the lies to the families of those who died?

The corrupt, immoral members of Congress from both parties stole money from the American people to pay off people who alleged abuse of some sort by members of Congress. Those payoffs were meant to protect powerful incumbents from disclosure. Pelosi, Warren, and others certainly care more about the powerful members of Congress than the American people, or else they would release the payoff and scandal information to the public. 

The rich, immoral, corrupt Elizabeth Warren committed fraud at Harvard by pretending she was a minority, to enrich herself and increase her power – and now she lectures about corruption. What would happen if white students claimed to be minorities to game the system the way Warren did? That is fraud, pure and simple.

The corrupt, immoral Warren and others sought to destroy Brett Kavanaugh even though they had no actual evidence. How many individuals and families are Democrats willing to destroy to protect the power they have amassed? Journalists gladly participate in this intentional, fraudulent persecution.

Warren was the brain behind the fiefdom of CFPB that is answerable to no one. This corrupt fiefdom blackmailed companies and set up a slush fund for political purposes and to pay kickbacks to left-wing supporters. Democrats love slush funds because they are hidden from the public.

The most immoral, corrupt thing I have seen in my life was done when the Obama administration, including the supposedly reputable Justice Department, the FBI, and intelligence agencies, colluded with the corrupt, immoral DNC and Hillary to use a fraudulent document paid for by Hillary and the DNC to destroy and spy on a political opponent. Not only did Pelosi, Warren, and the media not care about the danger of the out-of-control bureaucrats who sought to destroy a political opponent while protecting the lawless Hillary and others, but they climbed aboard.

It is clear that Democrats cater to the extremely rich Steyer, Soros, unions, trial lawyers, and others. Not the poor and middle class, whom they claim to care about.

Something Americans can be sure of: Most of the media will never call Democrats out for their pure corruption and hypocrisy because they support them no matter what they say or do. The Democrats' regressive, oppressive agenda is all that matters.

Most of the ten richest counties in the U.S. are around D.C., where they produce nothing. Those are the people whom Warren and the Democrats cater to, not us. The Constitution talks about "We the People," but every policy I see Democrats propose focuses on making the government more powerful, not the people.

Make no mistake: the people attacking Trump, including several Republicans, want the power and purse to reside with government, not the people, and that is truly dangerous to all of us, especially the poor and middle class.

It is tremendously moral that Trump's policies are attempting to help all races, both sexes, and people of all education levels move up the economic ladder. It is immoral to intentionally hold people down.

Jack Hellner


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