Sunday, February 24, 2019

Gallup: Liberals outnumber conservatives in only 6 states despite media blitz against the right - Rick Moran

by Rick Moran

What is the real data regarding the proportion of liberals vs. conservatives?

You could be forgiven if you thought that the media onslaught against conservatives the last few years would have an effect on how most of the country views the right.

That media campaign - directed against Donald Trump but also against conservatives - has been unprecedented in its scope and intensity. Conservatives are routinely portrayed as racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Muslim, and paranoid xenophobes.

But Gallup found some remarkable conservative strength all across the country. Their latest survey shows that liberals outnumber conservatives in only 6 states and that there are 25 states where conservatives are polling above their national average.

Washington Examiner:
The number of states where liberals outnumber conservatives has dropped more than 30 percent, with just six now in that category: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire.
According to the latest Gallup survey, in every other state but California, where conservatives and liberals split 29 percent to 29 percent, conservatives lead.
Nationally, those who identify themselves conservative hold a nine-point lead.
The map is telling:

“The residents of most U.S. states are more likely to identify as conservative than as liberal in their political ideology. In 25 states, the conservative advantage is significantly greater than the national average, including 19 ‘highly conservative’ states in which conservatives outnumber liberals by at least 20 percentage points,” said Gallup.
Translating those numbers into political power is a different matter. The right's problem is that big states are mostly less conservative or about average. Even Texas is about 50-50 conservative vs. moderate/liberal. In a national election, that matters and Trump's razor thin victory in several large midwestern states in 2016 negated some of that Democratic advantage. Can he do it again? He certainly has a shot given that Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are all still very competitive for the right.

This map is also a warning to Democrats. If they insist on pushing Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, and reparations for slavery, they will probably get buried in 2020. If Ocasio-Cortez and the radicals continue to gain strength and influence in the Democratic party, it will lead to a Republican rout.

Rick Moran


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