Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The real Sandy O - Rick Hayes

by Rick Hayes

Alexandria Octavio-Cortez poses a conundrum for Democrats.

With the exception of a few subcategories, there are basically three components that constitute today's Democratic Party. There's the new breed that calls themselves “Democratic Socialists” who truly believe in socialism, old-school Democrats that act as if they believe in the Democratic Socialist agenda in order to stay in vogue, and leftist ideologues that want to do whatever they can to undermine and destroy the founding principles of The United States. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the face of the Democratic Socialists who have been indoctrinated with falsehoods and now suffer with misguided beliefs about socialism due in part because of the ideals of youth, a fraudulent education and/or the inability to conceptualize beyond simple rhetoric. Sandy O appears to be having the time of her life, all smiles and laughter, being interviewed by every liberal lapdog network in the country and having her "Green New Deal" talked about and adopted by fellow Democrats, not to mention joked about by serious economists.

Her swift emergence out of nowhere to become a major force in the Democratic Party is the product of a strategically fraudulent past and negligent opposition reminiscent of another Democrat named Barack Obama. 

For his time, Obama was very similar to Sandy O regarding fact-free assertions, grandiosity, and embarrassing behavior based on inexperience. However, his being 18 years her senior accounts for his better understanding of the workings of government, even if he didn't follow it, and his knowledge of backroom politics, where he excelled. 

So this not-ready-for-primetime member of the Democratic Socialists of America hailing from New York's 14th congressional district has become the face and future of the Democratic party. A party that now embraces the merging of South America, Mexico, and the United States, a party that espouses economic warfare on successful members of society, and emptying hard-earned cash from the pockets of taxpayers to pay the expenses of people "unwilling to work." 

Sandy O’s doctrines are not unique, but the difference as to why her radical ideas are being received is that they have never before been so openly expressed by elected officials, not even by the 2016 Presidential socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. And what has made the absurd conclusions from an immature and illiterate person believable and accepted is the absence of any real media, a position now being filled almost exclusively by leftist late-night comics and fake-news propaganda specialists assisted by an unchallenged leftist education system and weak religious leadership.

Sandy O’s infantile economic insights are not without catastrophic consequences, as New York City can attest to after losing Amazon's 25,000 jobs and other accompanying investment capital. New York is now a hot potato to corporations thinking about coming in. Lower income earners in the Big Apple will eventually have no place to go but lower paying jobs or perpetual welfare. However, they will be able to join Sandy O in a Charlie Brown-like pumpkin patch and look and look and keep looking for the rise of the great socialist wave to come to the rescue. 

Sandy O poses a conundrum for Democrats. She is the perfect distraction from the realities of their failed coup attempt, but is also leading the Democratic Party on a certain path of destruction, alienating every independent voter and jeopardizing any chance of a realistic run in 2020. In any event, Ocasio-Cortez will inevitably have her day of reckoning. With no real substance and a slew of assured economic missteps in the future, either the novelty will wear off or some level of sanity or at least self-preservation will once again enter the Democratic Party.

Rick Hayes


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