Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cracks in the impeachment wall - J. R.Dunn

by J. R.Dunn

Is the stampede starting?

Is the solid Democratic front in favor impeachment beginning to crumble? It’s probably more correct to say that it never existed at all.

We got two clear signs this week that rank-and-file enthusiasm for the Pelosi/Schiff effort to rid the country of the Orange Menace is, shall we say, well-controlled.
  • New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew stated that he was likely to vote against Pelosi’s resolution to “formalize” the impeachment inquiry when it comes up Thursday, or Friday, or sometime before the end of the Holocene.
Van Drew told NBC reporter Alex Moe that “I would imagine that I’m not voting for it.”
To go straight to the point, Van Drew’s district was won by none other than Donald Trump in 2016, and Van Drew knows exactly which side his political toast is buttered on – that is, the one that hits the ground when dropped.
There are evidently at least a dozen other Democratic reps in much the same situation as Van Drew, though none of these has spoken up yet.
  • Steny Hoyer , the House Majority Whip, refused to commit to an actual vote on the matter, even though Mrs. Pelosi insists that it is, in fact, happening on Thursday. “We’re going to have to consider whether or not it’s ready to go on Thursday,” Steny said. “I hope that’s the case.”
The fact that Pelosi failed to clear matters with the majority whip, part of whose duties is to arrange things like votes, suggests a level of disorganization that beggars the imagination. Nancy couldn’t walk across the hall, she couldn’t send one of her dozens of staffers with a message. They apparently don’t have phones in the Longworth Building. As for e-mail, well, that’s for the peasants, and we can’t expect her to use that, now can we?

This is simply further evidence, if any was needed, that the impeachment effort is an empty scam, a massive PR stunt, with no substance to speak of behind it. It is a Potemkin campaign jimmied up between Pelosi, Schiff, and the anti-Trump media. The rest of the House Democrats, who can read an electoral map (skills that neither Pelosi nor Schiff ever had to develop, both representing rotten Cali districts inhabited by Demunnist pod people) are not so much disinterested as terrified. They can clearly see where this is headed.

Pelosi, who can’t make the most straightforward arrangement regarding voting procedure or rally and discipline her troops, apparently cannot. Which means this thing is simply going to get weirder and crazier as it goes along.

We will learn more on Thursday. I hear the Whistleblower himself will be shot out of a cannon in front of the Capitol.

J. R.Dunn


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