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ANALYSIS - A global tsunami of Jihadist attacks and Jew-hatred - Yochanan Visser

by Yochanan Visser

Nearly 200 killed and hundreds injured in Islamic terror attacks in just one week in Africa - part of a global tsunami of Jihadi radicalism.

Scene of bombing attack in Mogadishu
Scene of bombing attack in Mogadishu                                                                                                                 REUTERS

On Saturday, approximately 90 people died when a huge truck-bomb exploded near a checkpoint close to a tax collection center in Mogadishu, Somalia while another 149 were injured most of them seriously.

No terror organization claimed responsibility for the attack but observers say the Al-Qaeda offshoot al-Shabaab is likely behind the murders just like the other attack on Mogadishu in 2017 which killed 587 people.

The deadly explosion in Mogadishu was the second attack by al-Shabaab on Somalia in one week. On December 23, the Jihadist group carried out another attack that hasn’t been reported by the main-stream media and that took the lives of 7 people while another 3 were wounded.

Over the past 7 days alone Jihadist groups carried out 14 deadly attacks in African countries killing 197 people and injuring hundreds.

Globally speaking 100 attacks in 18 countries carried out by various Islamist terror-groups took the lives of 1307 people while another 760 were injured in December alone

The continuing global war that Jihadist groups are carrying out against ‘crusaders’ and ‘infidels’ and which began forty years ago when the Red Army invaded Afghanistan has resulted in the death of millions of people.

In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan alone more than one million people died as a result of this war most of them Muslims and this is an undercount according to organizations that keep track of the death toll.

Christians are increasingly targeted by the Islamist gangs especially in Africa where, for example, in Nigeria 6.000 of them died at the hands of the Jihadist group Fulani herdsmen in the past four years while 12.000 Christians were displaced.

The Fulani are Muslim nomads who try to cleanse African countries of anyone non-Muslim and Christians in particular.

“Fulani extremists now pose a greater threat than the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, and are responsible for systematic jihadist attacks involving burning, raping, maiming, pillaging, and killing,” wrote French intellectual Bernard Henry Levy who watched the atrocities first-hand.

Levy accuses the mainstream media of denying the religious character of the ongoing Islamist war against non-Muslims in Africa and calls journalists covering the attacks “professional disinformers”.

One of the Fulanis told Levy that “Christians are dogs and children of dogs. You say Christians. To us they are traitors. They adopted the religion of the whites. There is no place here for friends of the whites, who are impure.”

Whereas Boko Haram operates only in a small part of Nigeria the Fulani nomads are operating across the country but also in the Republic of Congo, Mali, and the Central African Republic.

Burkino Faso is another African country that is greatly suffering from Islamist terror.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and other Islamist terror groups have succeeded in displacing more than 100.000 people in Burkino Faso since 2015 and their terrorist activities led to the government to declare a state of emergency on January 1st, 2019 and the resignation of Prime Minister Paul Thieba.

Last week, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb and its affiliates carried out simultaneous terror attacks which led to the death of 35 civilians most of them women while government forces killed 80 Jihadists in the aftermath of the attacks.

The Jihadists took revenge a day later and killed 11 government soldiers at Namissiguian military base in Soum province which was ambushed by the Al-Qaeda coalition.

This happened as the US Administration is considering a complete pull-out of the roughly 7.000 American soldiers in African countries.

"We've begin a review process where I'm looking at every theater, understanding what the requirements are that we set out for, making sure we're as efficient as possible with our forces," Mark Esper the Secretary of Defense said last month.

Then there is Asia where in Afghanistan the Taliban continues its war against ‘foreign intruders’ and the Afghani army.

The latest attack took place on Saturday, when Taliban terrorists attacked a base in the Helmand Province killing ten Afghani soldiers in a suicide attack and an ensuing gunfight.

On Christmas Eve Islamist terrorists, furthermore, targeted Christians celebrating Christmas in the Philippines wounding scores of them.

The assault began with a bomb explosion at the entrance of a cathedral on the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines and was followed by other attacks.

A commander of the Philippine army said the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters” (BIFF) or a local ISIS affiliate may be behind the new string of attacks which began with a grenade attack on civilians in Mindanao on Dec. 22.

Even in the Maldives a country of idyllic islands in the Arabic Sea and a popular holiday destination among Israelis security forces reported a very alarming trend under Muslims.

Close to 1.400 Muslims in the Maldives said they would be ready to kill ‘infidels’ in name of their religion.

The Maldives contributed the highest number of ISIS terrorists per capita during the rise and fall of the Jihadist Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldives says “there is no benefit from suppressing or keeping the information about extremism hidden from the public.”

This all is taking place while the number of anti-Semitic attacks on Jews is exploding in both the United States and Europe where the authorities have no clue about how to cope with the influx of radical Muslims who fled the Middle East and now not only threaten the social fabric in several West-European countries but also the security of citizens.

Instead of acting forcefully to stem the tsunami of anti-Semitic attacks on Jews or Islamist attacks against Western targets committed by Muslim immigrants, European authorities and others indulge in a debate about ‘Islamophobia’.

The term Islamophobia was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood to mimic anti-Semitism, the concept which these Islamists falsely believe immunizes Jews from criticism — itself an anti-Semitic belief,” wrote British Times analyst Melanie Phillips last week.

Phillips was promptly attacked by leaders of the Jewish community in Great Britain who worked together to prevent the election of anti-Semitic Labor Party candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

“Anti-Muslim prejudice is very real & it is on the rise. Our community must stand as allies to all facing racism,” Tweeted the Board of Deputies of British Jews after the publication of Phillips article.

“There is no Islamophobia because phobia is an unrealistic fear of something unreal which should not create fear such as claustrophobia- fear of closed places,” Middle East expert Mordechai Kedar tweeted in response.

“People’s fear of Islam is REALISTIC, see ISIS, Islamic Terrorism, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, all REAL, not a phobia,” Kedar added in the same Tweet.

The authorities in the UK, meanwhile, also fail to act against the attempt of Islamists to groom young Muslims held in British prisons, The Times reported last week.

“Islamist extremists in Britain’s prisons are holding makeshift Sharia trials, circulating banned books and openly grooming young Muslim inmates,” according to the British paper.

The report came after an Islamist terrorist belonging to ISIS who was released from prison murdered two people on a London bridge in the middle of December.

Mild punishment of Jihadists in Europe is only exacerbating the problem.

In The Netherlands, for example, a Muslim immigrant, who was sentenced to a 27-months jail term for raping a 16-year-old girl in the town of Hoorn which he apparently did in the name of Islam, was again apprehended by police for the same crime.

While one of his victims claimed he was “mentally ill”, an often-used excuse by Europeans, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch begs to differ.

Spencer citing verses of the Quran says raping a non-Muslim woman is sanctioned in Islam when they do not cover their bodies properly.

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