Sunday, February 23, 2020

For Ilhan Omar, the best defense is always...anti-Semitism - Andrea Widburg

by Andrea Widburg

In response to the Daily Mail's article telling the world that Ilhan Omar married her brother, Omar tweets that "Zionists" are out to get her.

On Thursday, Britain's Daily Mail ran a story that America's media have refused to cover: the strong evidence that Ilhan Omar married her own brother, Ahmed Elmi, in order to commit immigration and student loan fraud. Omar's first response was precisely what everyone expected: she claimed anti-Muslim hate speech.

By Friday, though, Omar had escalated her rhetoric, not directly but by proxy. She retweeted a post from Humans 4 Human Rights asserting that any challenge to Omar is a Zionist conspiracy.

Reading through the site, it's apparent that the people behind it are from the Jeremy Corbyn left. It calls Boris Johnson a "rich men's lapdog" and inveighs against the "BLATANT UGLY FACTS of the SLEAZY SCHEMING foundation & agenda of #BREXIT, pushed & supported by the WHITE PRIVILEGED CORPORATE BANKSTERHOOD, #UK's elite #RulingClass, whose only aim is to get richer and damn the ordinary poor f***ks, the #BRITISH #PEOPLE." It warns that, in a post-Brexit U.K., "children ... the sick, vulnerable and homeless" won't survive.

The site doesn't like Trump, calling his administration a "kakistocracy" (rule by bad people), and it hates and fears Jews. On the subject of a "Free Palestine," it states that "'Antisemitism' is the weapon of choice for Psychological Warfare to silence all of us who demand a #FreePalestine!" The one thing it really loves is Ilhan Omar.

With widely publicized news that Ilhan Omar has been gaming the American system, so much so that federal law enforcement is investigating her, Humans 4 Human Rights went into overdrive to defend Omar. It published a post entitled "Enemy collaboration: Character Assassination of Ilhan Omar — tabloid brainwashing saga continues." The article oozes sympathy for Omar, while showing a paranoid level of dehumanization when it comes to Jews and Israel, as well as a manic conspiracy theory tying Jews and Israel to the Murdochs. Here are a few select quotations:
Pro-Israel Zionist / Far-right fraternization may be surprising to some, as their factions' "public image" apparently insists they violently despise each other. However, their fascist dystopian ideology [i.e., Zionism] is pretty much one and the same. Domination and oppression by any and all means necessary.
The latest tabloid slander by the Daily Mail and The Sun stink of brazen collusion, referring to articles by the New York Post, whose owners the Murdoch family, conveniently own The Sun, and self-proclaimed "investigative journalist", Pro-Israel touting David Steinberg, who's been out to destroy Ilhan Omar since 2018.
Aside from that ugliness, what's really not nice is an elected member of the United States House of Representatives retweeting this anti-Semitic garbage as a defense to charges that she's engaged in immigration fraud. Omar has a right to respond substantively (which she has not done), but, given that she's a member of Congress, it's not unreasonable to expect her to maintain some sort of dignity and decency...but that's not Omar's style. Instead, she retweets anti-Semitic muck:

The problem with having Omar in Congress isn't just her socialism, no matter how terrible an idea socialism is. Instead, it's her blatant, unrelenting hatred for America and American values.

One expects a person who was welcomed here as a refugee and reached one of the highest pinnacles in the land to show at least smidgen of gratitude...but not Omar. She's the bad guest who moves in and then tries to burn down the house and then tries to burn down the neighbor's house, too.

Andrea Widburg


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