Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Dems Go Postal - Lloyd Billingsley

by Lloyd Billingsley

Democrats gear up for ballot fraud in their war on President Trump.

“I haven’t experienced this in my lifetime, the weaponization of sorts of our postal system.”
That was California governor Gavin Newsom, one day after President Trump expressed reluctance to provide additional money to the US Postal Service to handle mail-in ballots. Newsom’s concern was understandable, at least from his point of view.

In April, Newsom signed an executive order for “all-mail” ballots for elections in May and June. In similar style, Democrats in Congress have been pushing for ballots to be mailed to every registered voter for the November election. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put it,  “Why should we be saying to people, ‘Stand in line for hours,’ when we don’t even want you leaving the house?” Republicans, Pelosi said, are “afraid of the voice of the people,” Pelosi said. “they want to stand in the way of a more open democratic system at a time of a pandemic.”

Democrats contends that voter fraud seldom if ever happens. Trump argues that mail-in ballots are susceptible to fraud, and points to recent disasters in Democrat primaries. The ballots can easily be falsified, which raises the specter of the foreign interference Democrats claim to oppose. Criminals like to intercept valuables at points of transfer. Mail-in voting sets up the same opportunity, and there’s another issue in play.

Last week the National Association of Letter Carriers endorsed Joe Biden for president. So those handling the mail ballots would be biased for the Democrat, and the process would be an expanded version of the “ballot harvesting” that already goes on in California. This bias hardly exhausts the postal problems.

Despite a government-enforced monopoly on first-class mail delivery, the US Postal Service is a perennial money loser. Entering an urban post office is like stepping into the fourteenth century or a Soviet department store, with long lines on every hand. The post office does a poor job at its appointed tasks but Democrats want to deploy it as a voting agency. In that role, the USPS has company in the California Department of Motor vehicles. The DMV forces people to wait in line for hours, but Democrats have already deployed the agency for voter fraud.

Democrats want ballots sent to every registered voter, and in California, the most populous state, that includes more than one million foreign nations illegally present in the United States and ineligible to vote in American elections. When these illegals get drivers’ licenses, the state Department of Motor vehicles automatically registers them to vote. By 2018, more than one million “new” voters were added to the rolls but secretary of state Alex Padilla won’t say how many actually voted.

More than 22 million people are illegally present in the United States, according to a recent study by scholars at MIT and Yale.  The previous default figure of 11 million is more like the number illegally present in California alone. When he challenged Trump’s public-charge rule, attorney general Xavier Becerra displayed a chart reading: “California is home to over 10 million immigrants,” code for false-documented illegals. So it’s not out of the question that California’s registered voters include far more than one million illegals.

Mail-in voting would boost the fraud but the president formerly known as Barry Soetoro claims Trump wants to “kneecap the postal service.” In similar style, Gov. Newsom decries the “weaponization” of the postal system, exactly what Democrats are doing, and the latest stage of the Democrats’ war against Donald Trump.

The upper reaches of the FBI and DOJ spied on Trump’s campaign, aided by cadres in the “intelligence community.” After Trump’s 2016 victory, these same deep-state players set up the Russia hoax, with special counsel Robert Mueller and a staff of militant, partisan Democrats. When that failed, the Ukraine hoax quickly emerged.

State Department retreads railed against Trump for doing his job. This was based on some mysterious “whistleblower,” who was really a co-conspirator. The Ukraine offensive failed to topple Trump, still standing after Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment offensive. In short order, the deep state’s white coat supremacists mobilized for action.

A pandemic from China was suddenly upon us and there was Dr. Fauci, in office since 1984, facing the cameras and recommending a lockdown that wrecked a thriving economy and plunged millions of Americans into unemployment and despair. Democrats looked the other way as sub-nihilist mobs spread fear, destruction and death.

President Trump is still standing, as Americans deal with the pandemic and move ahead. With the election approaching, Democrats deploy failed agencies and government employee unions in an effort to steal the election. Based on what has unfolded so far, this will not be the Democrats last offensive. As President Trump likes to say, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Lloyd Billingsley


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