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Preachy Alyssa Milano gets put firmly in her place - Andrea Widburg


by Andrea Widburg

A young woman has a few words of truth when Milano thinks she’s speaking empathetically on behalf of American Blacks.

The one nice thing I can say about Alyssa Milano’s social and political views is that I think she means well. Other than that, I think she’s a seriously misguided woman whose fame as a pretty actress gives her way too big a platform for spreading her Hollywood version of morality. Fortunately, there are people willing to talk back to her. Most recently, that pushback came from a young New Orleans woman named Savvy.

Milano, using all her actor’s chops, can be seen in a video solemnly intoning, “For those of us who are not Black men, imagine watching the news and seeing how people….” Suddenly, Milano vanishes and Savvy takes her place. But Savvy isn’t there to join with Milano’s worldview that sees her deny Blacks either agency or intelligence. Instead, Savvy is there to give Milano a big dose of reality.

“Imagine being a Black man and being told by some White lady with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one and the same because you like alike.

“Imagine being told by society that White people can be all that they can be but for you as a Black man, the content of your character is completely irrelevant.”

And so it goes for another 40 seconds – rapid-fire observations about the smarmy racism underlying the “I care” posture that leftists like Milano take as they consistently advocate policies that demean Blacks.


Savvy’s attack on Milano’s fatuousness reminds me why I’m deeply hostile to leftists. When it comes to people generally, but especially to American Blacks, the left has successfully stripped them of the three things that are necessary for anyone to become a successful, fully realized person: Family, morality, and faith.

With the Great Society, the welfare state, and Biden’s overreaching crime bill, Black families have been decimated. Men are simply gone. They’re not there as husbands, fathers, sons, or brothers. In too many communities, they’re sperm donors and mercenaries.

Leftists are busy doing the same for everyone. Despite the married state being the absolute best way to raise children, marriage in America is rapidly declining. Remember Obama’s “Life of Julia”? Dear Women, you don’t need a husband to care for you and your children. Government is there for you….”

Thanks to leftists, traditional morality is gone. One of the things that leftism does is give permission to fall away from the high ground and engage in all sorts of supremely damaging behaviors. Monogamy is exchanged for unlimited sex. Being law-abiding is exchanged for permission to commit crimes because of one’s kin color. Treating all people with respect vanishes beneath the heavy footsteps of Critical Race Theory.

And of course, underlying both family and morality is faith. As Dennis Prager so often says, if you don’t believe in an all-powerful, abstract God, why should you believe in morality? Who cares about killing people if humans don’t have value? And who worries about killing people if you know that leftist prosecutors will let you walk? And should you die while committing a crime, it’s a comfort to know that BLM will turn you into a martyr and hero who may be worth tens of millions to your grieving, but now rich, family.

Savvy is not the only Black person in New Orleans pushing back against toxic White leftism. I wish that she could meet American Cougar, who posts on Instagram. He too refuses to let leftists pigeonhole him as a skin color. Instead, he sees himself as an American with an inherent right to liberty and self-determination.

Each of us is greater than the sum of our individual parts. We aren’t just a skin color, sexual organ, profession, neighborhood, or hobby. We are, most essentially, our unique selves. A healthy, free country recognizes that. A sick, Marxist country desperately tries to fit us into easily controllable boxes. We must celebrate every person who refuses to be stuffed into that leftist box.

IMAGE: Savvy. Twitter screengrab.


Andrea Widburg

Source: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/05/preachy_alyssa_milano_gets_put_firmly_in_her_place.html

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