Thursday, May 6, 2021

Biden Says His Agenda Is Synonymous With The Will of The People - Don Feder


by Don Feder

Are we really all woke socialists?


In his address to a joint session of Congress last week, the most dangerous and delusional thing the president said was when he equated the policies of his administration with the will of the American people.

Biden: “Our Constitution opens with the words, ‘We the People.’ It’s time we remembered that we the people are the government.” In other words, the people are synonymous with the people in power.

At least he got the words (all three of them) right. During the 2020 campaign, he mangled the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, which came out: “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing.” Dr. Jill might think about increasing his daily dose of Prevagen.

According to the Geezer-in-chief, We the People implicitly endorse his policies – that by voting for him, We voted for them. Not because of media distortions about COVID, white supremacy, police brutality, or Trump’s meanness, but because we wanted Woke socialism.

Old Joe is beginning to sound like Louis XIV – “The People, that’s Me!”

This is a monumental lie used to justify the misrule of one of the worst administrations in U.S. history.

Let’s test Joe’s thesis against reality.

  • Do We the People want a border that resembles a sieve -- with hundreds of thousands streaming across, bringing crime, poverty, drugs and national dissolution in their wake? Do we think there’s no crisis at the border, that it’s all been manufactured by FOX News?
  • Do We the People believe someone can be a border czar who refuses to visit the border?
  • Do We the People believe America – the nation that fought a civil war to abolish slavery -- is an inherently racist nation?
  • Do We the People support reparations – that Barack Obama should take money out of one of his pockets and put it in the other?
  • Do We the People want to de-fund the police and rely on social workers with notepads, instead of cops with guns, to keep us safe?
  • Do We the People think rioting, looting and assault are peaceful protest?
  • Do We the People believe the NRA is a terrorist organization, but Black Lives Matter is benevolent?
  • Do We the People want abortion on demand (including abortion that’s the equivalent of infanticide) paid for by the taxpayers?
  • Do We the People believe that a man who says he’s a woman really is a woman, but that a fully-formed human being minutes away from birth is nothing?
  • Do We the People want boys who say they’re girls to use girls’ showers and changing rooms, and to compete with them in athletic events?
  • Do We the People believe masculine and feminine pronouns are inherently oppressive?
  • Do We the People think Dr. Suess. Mr. Potato Head and the Muppets spread hatred and division, that Yosemite Sam promotes gun violence and Pepe Le Pew encourages the rape culture?
  • Do We the People want to destroy domestic energy production, which will send prices soaring and leave us at the mercy of China, Russia and Middle East oil-tocracies?
  • Do We the People think those who’ve been fully vaccinated should wear at least 2 face masks – and stay a minimum of 20 feet apart – even outdoors, that it’s their patriotic duty?
  • Do We the People believe there’s no connection between taxes and jobs?
  • Do We the People feel that the top 1% of taxpayers (who pay 21% of all federal income taxes) aren’t paying their fair share?
  • Do We the People think we’re too stupid to manage our own lives – that we need the leadership of the national Democratic Party (including a 31-year-old socialist chick whose last job before entering Congress was tending bar) to tell us how to live?
  • Do We the People believe in the cancel culture, that if something offends you, you have a right to censor it, de-platform it and shut it down?
  • Do We the People want to pack the Supreme Court and keep expanding it until Democrats get the decisions they want?
  • Do We the People want the District of Columbia (whose only product is government) and Puerto Rico (where 45% live below the poverty line) to become states?
  • Do We the People believe that guns cause crime – in the same way that cars cause highway fatalities?
  • Do We the People believe that voter ID is the equivalent of Jim Crow – that you should be required to show identification to drive a car, board a plane or buy liquor or cigarettes but not to decide the outcome of elections?
  • Do We the People believe that racism is wrong, unless the object of hatred and derision is white?
  • Do We the People believe $25 billion for childcare, $40 billion for public housing and $12 billion for community colleges is infrastructure spending?

The warped worldview of the ideologues – increasingly hard left – who make up the Biden administration couldn’t be further removed from the thinking of ordinary Americans.

John Adams observed, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People.” Biden and company are neither. Joe should leave the Constitution alone and stay where he’s better acquainted -- “The Communist Manifesto.”


Don Feder


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