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Freedom-Lovers of the World, Unite! - J. B. Shurk


by J. B. Shurk

The government’s war on “disinformation” proves how much it fears losing power.


What is the single greatest threat to globalist tyranny?  A moral and self-sufficient population capable of critical thinking and dedicated to the defense of individual liberty.

People who can distinguish between right and wrong do not require governments to safeguard their conscience.  People who can provide for themselves and trade with others in free markets do not become addicted to government welfare.  People who question authority and value objective truth are less inclined to be manipulated by government propaganda.  People who recognize personal freedom as an inviolable right tend to possess the character and moral fortitude to resist coercion.

For the Marxist globalists advancing a technocratic new world order designed to elevate a privileged few over everyone else, the ideal human is spiritually confused, helpless, ignorant, and uncurious.  Preying on those who are in desperate need of saving is how governments turn citizens into slaves.

In order to hasten the arrival of its planned dystopia, the one-world-government crowd depends on artificial constructs meant to nudge the masses into compliance.  The “climate change” bugaboo is the mechanism used to replace free markets and private property with corporate oligarchs and central bankers who act as global economic managers tasked with “saving the planet.”  The prospect of unending waves of new viral pandemics is the mechanism used to justify government coercion, lockdowns, mandates, and mass surveillance.  Fraudulent allegations of racism, colonialism, imperialism, cultural supremacy, and privilege together form the mechanism that Marxist globalists (actual imperialists) use to mobilize mass migration, unleash cultural conflict, and keep otherwise peaceful populations in a vulnerable state of division, hostility, and social decay.  Finally, governments’ open war on “disinformation” and all its variants (including the erroneous classifications of scientific debate as “misinformation” and public debate as “hate speech”) is the mechanism used to silence all criticism and dissent.  

If unregulated “disinformation” were really the dangerous threat that governments pretend it to be, a reasonable person would expect to see dedicated public schools now teaching the kind of critical thinking skills necessary to arm every citizen with the requisite tools to combat the supposed monstrous surge in unsanctioned propaganda.  From the beginning of an elementary school pupil’s education, rational argument would be distinguished from logical fallacy.  Reason and rigorous investigation would be valued over emotional and subjective appeals to feelings.  Not only would young students be taught to examine their presuppositions, but also they would be exhorted to question all appeals to authority.  After all, authoritarians such as Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, and Hitler all ruled with an iron fist precisely because questioning their authority was forbidden.  If governments were truly motivated by a fear of a future Hitler, they would counsel their youngest citizens from the earliest age: question everything!

Instead, we see no such intellectual preparation.  Facts have been abandoned and replaced with “personal truths.”  Historical events have been rewritten for nefarious political calculations (Remember Obama’s insistence that Muslims were instrumental to America’s founding?).  Biological sex and other inconvenient scientific precepts have been jettisoned, so that mental delusions and State-enforced Lysenkoism can manipulate reality.  Government educators demand that ideas be “politically correct.”  Rhetorical combat has been forbidden out of a pusillanimous devotion to avoiding “hurt feelings.”  

Freethinking and creative expression are now burdened with so many intrusive guardrails that more time is wasted divining what cannot be said out loud than is spent nurturing true genius and imagination.  Math classes have replaced calculus with social grievance curricula and obsessions over systemic racism.  Literary classics have been swapped with new age rubbish that demonizes Western civilization, while proselytizing a new “woke” religion devoted to multiculturalism, global warming, abortion, and gender fluidity.  

In other words, childhood education has banished intellectual discernment from the classroom and is now hopelessly awash in fairytales, feelings, psychobabble, and other mind-numbingly stupid and spurious inanities.

How can any student prepare to combat a world supposedly rife with “disinformation” when government indoctrination is disguised as schoolwork and critical thinking is sacrificed on the altar of “politically correct” groupthink?  

Asking the question suggests an obvious answer: governments are not worried about “disinformation” at all.  What concerns them is competing points of view that challenge their monopoly over constructed “truths.”  As the world’s foremost purveyors of propaganda, they fear the rise of any speakers not under their control.  Governments’ fabricated war on “disinformation” is actually a war for the preservation of a filthy public sewer system that pumps out toxic “disinformation” daily.

Freethinkers armed with critical thinking skills are like intellectual plumbers capable of parsing governments’ sordid lies.  Marxist globalism’s fetid sludge grows underground only if society lacks the good sense to understand what causes the foul-smelling putridness drifting beneath its own nose.

Government propaganda is nothing new.  Concentrated power depends on institutional control over what is considered “true.”  An open war on “disinformation,” though, suggests that the ground beneath our feet is shifting.  What has changed?  An unchartered and unregulated guild of intellectual plumbers has begun to make solid progress in unclogging governments’ propaganda-filled sewers, so that fresh truths can finally flow.

What do the political successes of Donald Trump in the United States, Javier Milei in Argentina, and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands represent if not a pivot away from the ruling globalists’ chokehold over institutional power and toward a fledgling cross-border movement for human liberty?  

Perhaps the era has finally arrived to turn Marx on his head and implore: Freedom-lovers of the world, unite!  

There is a clever political meme rumbling around online that breaks society into four groups of people:

(1) Those who believe the narrative and comply;

(2) Those who know it’s BS and comply anyway;

(3) Those who are waking up to the lie and are starting to refuse to comply; and

(4) Those who knew it was BS right from the start and refused to partake in the lie.

Those in category (4) represent a stubbornly consistent 20% of the population whose capacity for smelling BS and rejecting official “truths” runs high.  Jim Quinn wrote an essay over at The Burning Platform highlighting Stanley Milgram’s consequential study that concluded, “80% of the population do not have the psychological or moral resources to defy an authority’s order, no matter how illegitimate the order is.”

Quinn surveys how Deep State propaganda, rampant fearmongering, and social media influence campaigns have only further dulled critical thinking skills in the sixty years since Milgram’s experiment and paints a depressing picture:

“The entire Covid scamdemic was a modern day Milgram Experiment and the vast majority of the world population were duped into believing the annual flu was such a horrific threat that they agreed to be locked down, lose their jobs, treat others like lepers, mask & distance, give their government unlimited authoritarian power, agree to censor and cancel critical thinking dissenters, and ultimately be injected with an untested, toxic, gene therapy that failed to combat covid, but certainly has caused millions of “sudden deaths”, turbo cancers, and myocarditis in young people.”

From Quinn’s perspective, “the clearly stolen 2020 presidential election” and the J6 “fake insurrection” further suggest, “the sheep obediently believe what the authorities spout.”   

Given that only 14% of U.S. adults have grabbed the most recent COVID shot and strong majorities of the American people believe both that fraud tainted the 2020 election and that J6 prosecutions have amounted to targeted political persecution, I will suggest a more optimistic conclusion: the number of Americans who have moved from group (1) to group (3) is rapidly expanding.  People are, indeed, “waking up” and refusing to comply.  

Our goal, then, is straightforward: continue shaking group (1) awake from its interminable slumber until an overwhelming majority can isolate and eliminate group (2) from ever again exercising authority. 

The government’s execrable war on “disinformation” proves how much it fears that we might be winning.

Image: Pashi via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

J. B. Shurk


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