Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Descent into Barbarism - Mark Lewis


by Mark Lewis

A reason why.


A descent into barbarism is easy and fast; you only need to let yourself go.  The animal part of all of us is just below the surface and constantly has to be controlled, or it will bubble to the top, and we will sink into savagery.  Rising into civilization is difficult and slow because the masses must know the difference between right and wrong, constantly be sober and vigilant about it, urged by universally acknowledged societal mores and virtues to pursue the excellent and reject the decadent, and, above all, individually conquer themselves, something few people are ever capable of consistently doing, and rarely when fulfilling the pleasures of the flesh.  When it becomes socially acceptable to be a barbarian, as is increasingly the case in America, there will be more and more barbaric activity.  When national, state, and community “leaders” encourage such conduct—which they are wont to do because there is power for political tyrants in social chaos—and when one’s peers and associates actively engage in such animal behavior, this promotes such pursuits.  There is a reason why Hollywood and America’s inner cities are full of darkness and not light—few are shining the light and leading the way out of darkness.  The Democratic Party and American media certainly aren’t doing it, nor do they intend or even want to.

Some “civilizations” have never completely arisen from barbarity.  We see this today in the pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas movement in America and around the world.  This crowd is still stuck in a seventh-century philosophy that doesn’t teach them how to, or that they even should, lift themselves to a higher and more excellent plane.  As long as life goes okay, they will behave okay.  But, again, just beneath the surface lurks the savage, and it doesn’t take much to let it escape, especially when associates, friends, and leaders encourage such, when the message is that the right thing is being done.

Barbarism never elevates anyone.  It took Europe several centuries of the “Dark Ages” to get out of it.  We appear to be descending into it again, as law, religion, traditions, and social order no longer hold back the tide.  The government isn’t helping to restrain this tide; the government never helps do so.  It either leads the wolfpack or follows it, which amounts to the same thing.  This is exactly why a government can never be trusted, especially one elected by an increasingly degenerate—barbarian—population.  Lafayette reportedly said during the French Revolution, “There go the people.  I am their leader.  I must follow them.”  Joe Biden and Democrats see votes and power in America’s descent into barbarism.  They are not only boosting it, they are welcoming it into the country in massive numbers.

Interestingly, there is often a code of honor among thieves and sometimes among savages.  Gavin Newsom cleaned up San Francisco when somebody of equal barbarity and degeneracy came to that city.  The Chinese laughed at him.  Not even the horde of mass murderers called the CCP is decadent enough to allow people to defecate on their streets.  This isn’t “freedom,” folks, this is…barbarity.  Gavin Newsom wants to be president of the whole country and might be so.  Then, the Chinese can laugh at all of us, especially as they continue to conquer us.  “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has [first] destroyed itself from within.”  (Will Durant)

In the Grenada Television production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Cardboard Box,” upon discovering the savagely beaten remains of two people, Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. John Watson, his long-time friend and companion, “What is the meaning of it, Watson?  What is the object of this circle of misery, violence, and fear?  It must have a purpose, or our universe has no meaning, which is unthinkable.  But what purpose?  That is humanity’s great problem, to which reason, so far, has no answer.”  Human reason will never find an answer to that problem because human reason can never fathom the depths of the mind of God.  And that is because every human has his own “reason.”  Human reason has, does, and can only continue to lead humanity into barbarism because humans, without God, are nothing but animals living in the jungle.  Ask the Darwinists.  Human reason offers us nothing more excellent to strive for than—human reason.  And whose “reason” should we pursue?  A seventh-century ruffian?  That of a 19th-century German economist that has led to the greatest mass murder of innocents in human history and has brought more misery, poverty, slavery, and violence than any theory the world has ever known?  Hitler’s?  Tojo’s?  Yours?  Mine?

Yes, which human philosophy should we follow —and why?  And if atheism is true, then no, Mr. Holmes, there is no purpose to it all, as “unthinkable” as that might be to truly rational people.  Eternal nothingness awaits us all.  And thus, why is “civilization” better than “barbarism”?  Why, indeed?  Obviously, to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, it isn’t because they continue to encourage the latter and denigrate the former.

When one removes from a man that which separates him from the animals when we teach man that he is nothing more than a glorified ape, we mustn’t be surprised when he acts like one, and when we take God out of man, we leave nothing but the animal.  The jungle.  China.  Communism.  Chicago and San Francisco.

The Answer is above us.  Above academia.  Above human reason.  Above even the government.  Far above the government.  But That—He—is the one answer mankind never seems to want to accept.

Because it interferes with our descent into barbarism, which apparently is mankind’s greatest desire, only look at current America to see that this is so.

We are descending into barbarism because we are rejecting the only One who can keep us from doing it.

Mark Lewis


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