Thursday, November 30, 2023

Muslim Cab Driver in Paris: ‘I Won’t Take You, You Dirty Jew’ - Hugh Fitzgerald


by Hugh Fitzgerald

“If I did take you, I would kill you, your wife, and your children.”


An Israeli family — father, mother, and three children — on October 11 landed at Orly Airport in Paris on a flight from Tel Aviv. After retrieving their luggage at the carousel, they patiently waited at the taxi stand, and when they finally reached the head of the line, they began to enter the lead taxi when the driver suddenly noticed something — the father’s kippah, most likely, or possibly her Orthodox wig, (if they were Orthodox) or both — that gave away the fact that they were Jewish, and he became furious. He screamed at them: “I’m not taking you — you dirty Jew.” More on his rage, and the consequences he now faces, can be found here: “‘I Am Not Taking You, Dirty Jew’: Paris Cab Driver Charged With Discrimination, Violent Threats,” by Ben Cohen, Algemeiner, November 24, 2023:

A taxi driver in Paris has been charged with discrimination and making death threats after he refused to drive a Jewish family who arrived on a flight from Israel at Orly Airport in the French capital.

French media reported on Friday that the family of two parents with their three children were subjected to vicious antisemitic abuse from the driver as they waited in a taxi line outside the airport after disembarking [from] a flight from Tel Aviv on Oct. 11 — four days after the Hamas pogrom in southern Israel in which more than 1,200 people were murdered.

As the family tried to enter the taxi, the driver told the father, “I am not taking you, dirty Jew.” He then added in both French and Arabic, “If I did take you, I would kill you, your wife, and your children.”

Well, that Muslim cabdriver certainly didn’t hold back. And thank god he did not, because with those words “if I did take you, I would kill you,” he has just made his own life very difficult.

A police investigation into the 28-year-old driver, who has not been named, was launched after the father reported his family’s ordeal to the local authorities. A report from the Paris Prefect of Police specified that he had not pursued a complaint “for fear of reprisals.”

The father won’t pursue a complaint because, quite sensibly, he’s afraid the cabdriver and other members of the Muslim tribe could come after him. But the police are a different matter. They know what happened, and they don’t need the father’s further participation to prosecute the cabdriver.

The driver appeared in a court in the Paris suburb of Creteil on Nov. 9. charged with making “repeated death threats” based on ethnicity and religion. His trial will not commence until May 6 next year.

One of the taxi companies which uses the driver’s services announced that he had been suspended.

The company, G7, said that while the incident at Orly was not the result of one of its bookings, it had suspended the driver “to show absolute firmness towards all forms of violence and discrimination.”…

How many other cab companies employ this Muslim cabdriver? What is keeping them from cutting ties with a driver who uses hate speech, and threatens to kill the entire family of this “dirty Jew” if he were to give them a ride? One hopes those other companies will soon follow the example of G7, depriving the cabdriver of most, if not all, of his custom.

At a time when antisemitism has been increasing at a dizzying and depressing rate in France, emanating almost entirely from its chief carriers, the Muslim migrants and citizens, it is good that the government promises to take a hard line in this case. When the Transport Minister, Clement Beaune, stresses the “gravity” of the incident — the refusal of a common carrier to take a passenger because of his ethnicity, and indulges in hate speech (“dirty Jew”), and even threatens to commit murder (“If I did take you, I would kill you, your wife, and your children”) — you know that a fitting, because severe, punishment is being prepared.

When Beaune promised that “we’re not going to let anything pass,” I take it that the offending cabdriver will have his commercial license revoked. That will end his career as a cabdriver. But never fear. There’s always street sweeping, garbage collecting, and halal butchering, jobs where no Jews will disturb his peace of mind.

Hugh Fitzgerald


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