Saturday, November 7, 2009

Better see it berore it's pulled.

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Better see it berore it's pulled.

YouTube - Obama Admits He Is A Muslim#t=28

Listen to the end (10 Min.)


Sabra said...

Man-oh-man! You can expect that to go poof from YT in the short term.

Open up your eyes, Americans!!! He's right. America is not at war with islam. America is just a few short acts of complete surrender at the rate it is going.

It was interesting to note that the jug-eared-jack-ass was allowed to wear his shoes in the Blue Mosque. No one else is allowed to! [We had to take ours off when we went to see it.]

Anonymous said...

The manchurian candidate

on-the-rocks said...

Thankfully, it is still there for your viewing. But you are right that it could disappear at any time.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he a muslim but his wife and children would also HAVE to be, for no muslim is allowed to marry out of his caste or religion. She would have to convert before any marraige takes place!! I know this for a fact because my wife's younger sister married a muslim and had to go through the rigmarole of 'converting' or the marraige would not take place. She was catholic and was excommunicated from the catholic church. She had five children from the man and ALL were brought up in the muslim religeon. Dave Dale.

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