Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Islamic Political Takeover of America

by Daniel Greenfield

American presidents have traditionally been the governors and the senators of key states. The rise of sizable politically active Muslim populations in those states positions Islamic groups to exert a strong and disproportionate influence on national politics. A governor or senator who seeks out Muslim support to get elected at a state level will form alliances that he will carry forward with him into the White House.

Basic diversity and multiculturalism means that state officials in key states are forming ties with Islamic associations that serve as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood or other organizations that are equally antithetical to the long term survival of the United States. Through a few meetings, the Brotherhood is gaining a lever that it can use to move presidents.

Virginia once produced more presidents than any other state. Now with a Muslim population as high as a third of a million it’s known for mosque controversies and terrorist training camps. Ohio produced nearly as many presidents, from the ranks of former governors Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley. But former Ohio governor Ted Strickland spoke at a CAIR banquet and pandered to Muslim abuses in the Rifqa Bary case. Like California, Texas and New Jersey—Virginia and Ohio now rank among the top ten Muslim populated states in the country.

California hosts the largest Muslim population in the country. After Rick Perry signed his agreement with the Aga Khan, Schwarzenegger followed suit. Texas hosts the eight largest Muslim population in the country. Both states have been incubators of presidents.

Urban representation is another factor. Muslim populations are still negligible even in the top ten states, but they are often clustered in urban areas. Muslims made up 10 percent of the population of Washington D.C. in 2000. The numbers are probably higher today. A few miles away from the White House, cutting across Constitution Avenue and over Kingman Lake, lies the Masjid Al-Islam where Imam Abdul Alim-Musa promises an Islamic State of North America by 2050.

In January 2001, Musa said, “If you were to say that the Soviet Union was wiped off the face of the Earth . . . people would have thought you were crazy, right? … We saw the fall of one so-called superpower, Old Sam is next.”

Of course most people still think that’s ridiculous. They might change their mind when it’s not 10 percent, but 25 percent or 50 percent.

Americans shake their heads at the situation in France or the United Kingdom– but our own nation’s capital has a higher Muslim population percentage than Paris or London. We are nowhere near Stockholm, Amsterdam or Brussels. But Washington D.C.’s population decline since the 70′s puts it in a similar category to cities such as Detroit. It’s not inconceivable that within a decade the nation’s capital would be far more Muslim than it is today.

Former industrial and manufacturing cities left behind by the collapse of American industry are prime targets. Detroit and Dearborn are prominent examples with cheap real estate and a declining population that makes it all too easy for Muslims to get a foothold.

Amid the Rust Belt, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois the nucleus of a slowly emerging Muslim mini-state is forming. The pattern repeats itself across the ocean in the European Rust Belt, where it’s Roubaix in France or the Rust Belt of Northern England, in cities such as Manchester.

Rust Belt cities are prime targets for takeover. Low on capital, desperate for revival, struggling with falling populations and dumpster real estate prices. Immigrants bringing with them capital and cheap labor in the form of their own relatives can easily move up the ladder and eventually make these cities their own. It’s a familiar narrative with ominous overtones.

There’s a saying that the door to the White House runs through the Rust Belt. The contestable nature of the Rust Belt makes residents a bigger target since they can be won over. That means that a great deal of disproportionate influence in national elections can be picked up at cut rate prices.

But many of the footholds are in more mainstream American cities. Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. There are six figure Muslim populations in San Diego and Los Angeles. Houston and Dallas between them form another six figure population. These numbers are not that significant in the context of California and Texas’ huge populations, but they become more significant the closer we zoom in.

A voter in a major city has access that a voter elsewhere does not. Foreign businessmen willing to spread money around are always welcome in the midst of urban blight. And no one will look too closely at where that money is going or what it’s buying.

A voter in a battleground area is worth ten or a hundred voters anywhere else. An organization that can claim to reach a thousand or ten thousand voters is worth its weight in gold. A national organization that can give a politician access to a hundred thousand voters in three states is going to be in demand.

Like a game of chess, it’s not just about the number and strength of your pieces– it’s about their disposition. A pawn in the right place can be worth both your bishops. And a community in the right place can be positioned to checkmate any candidate who doesn’t come knocking on its door.

The long term implications are troubling because they take us beyond mere numbers. Immigration is expanding the Muslim population in the United States dramatically year by year, but it also prevents the kind of demographic Jihad that is bringing Europe to its knees. It takes a subtler long game to win the war on America.

If Europe’s No Go Zones resemble checkers, the American version resembles a game of chess that is less concerned with carving out Islambergs (an all-Muslim town in upstate New York) and more invested in building networks of power which can be used to control politicians, states and eventually the nation.

Daniel Greenfield


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Famously Unknown said...

Passion x Plan x Resources x Patience produces eventual victory over those more numerous but far less caring or asleep.

Apathy and fear, as now witnessed grossly in Europe, will become the lock and key to chains of their dhimmitude. Sweden will be among the first to succumb as they continue to blind themselves to the abyss opening before them.

It happened in Nazi Germany to Jews, Gypsies, Poles and others. It happened in North and South America when European colonizers plundered, controlled, and murdered millions of naive native peoples.

We call it jihad and dhimmitude when we speak of the Islamist advance. Years ago the the term "manifest destiny" was in vogue. I don't remember Hitler's term for his Aryan ideology of "justified" domination and elimination of "inferiors" by his ubermenschen.

Time to raise the flag of "Don't tread on me!"

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