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Salubrius on the Book, "Disinformation" by Major-General Ion Pacepa

by Wallace Brand (Salubrius)

I have bought and read a copy of Major-General Ion Pacepa's book "Disinformation", with a foreword by James Woolsey, a former director of the CIA.   My remarks on the book follow:

Pacepa says that the Soviet program of disinformation he had earlier documented in his book Red Horizons and in several articles published in the US after his defection, morphed into a program of terror instituted against Israel and the United States pursued by the Soviet Union and even now by Russia.  If that is correct, the US "resetting" its relationship with Russia would be equivalent to its resetting its relationship with al Qaeda.  But even now we are resetting our relationship with the Taliban.  

If the former is true, Israel must also be careful with its relationship with Russia.

"Excerpt from Pacepa’s new book “Disinformation”, Chapter 33, FROM DISINFORMATION TO TERRORISM” at page 259:

“IN DISCUSSING YURI ANDROPOV’S LEGACY, Western Sovietologists usually focus on his brutal suppression of political dissidents, his role in igniting the violent suppression of the 1956 uprising in Hungary (where he was ambassador at the time), his role in preparing the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, and his pressure on the Polish regime toimpose martial law.  In contrast, the leaders of the Warsaw Pact intelligence community, when I was one of them, looked upon Andropov as the father of a new disinformation era, which revived anti-Semitism and generated international terrorism against the United States and Israel.

The grisly decapitation and dismembering of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002 symbolizes Andropov’s legacy.  The mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, gruesomely murdered Pearl solely because he was an American Jew.  The Kremlin’s continued silence about the framing of Pius XII, who was politically decapitated in part because he had protected the Jews, symbolizes another Andropov legacy.

Andropov was the first head of the KGB to be enthroned in the Kremlin.  First as a former ambassador, and afterward as head of the Soviet Communist Party’s department responsible for relations with the ruling parties in communist countries, his interests lay abroad, and that is where he directed the cutting edge of the KGB sword.  Andropov extended Khrushchev’s policy of individually framing religious and political leaders disliked by the Kremlin, such as Pius XII and US presidents, to framing entire religious movements and whole countries.  Zionism, Israel, and the United States were his main targets. “

Pacepa goes on to show that the Israeli airplane hijackings were initiated by the KGB and its initiation of Operation SIG, aimed at turning the Islamic world into an “explosive” enemy of the United States and Operation Tayfun” (Russian for typhoon) aimed at expanding international terrorism into western Europe.  He claims that  “One Gorbachev biographer says that Gorbachev was Andropov’s “principal organizer and his ‘crown prince’”  [my emphasis]

I take Pacepa not only on faith.  I take him on the recommendation of James Woolsey, who should know.  Woolsey -- former CIA director as you know, and now Chairman, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies -- has written the foreword to Pacepa's book.  It ends "They [Pacepa and Rychlak] have not only helped us understand history and many of the current dezinformatsiya operations that we continue to see--especially from Russia and countries in the Mid-east--but also have given us a good start in learning how to defeat them.  In short, they open a world that many of us didn't know existed and almost all of those of us who did know had seriously underestimated."  

His report is not based on opinion but on personal knowledge.
Mr. Wallace Brand (Salubrius)

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