Monday, October 27, 2014

Jews must Display Sovereignty in Jerusalem - Dror Eydar

by Dror Eydar

It's not a matter of Right and Left, assuming that the sane part of the Left still sees united Jerusalem as the capital of Israel under any arrangement. It's time to acknowledge that we are facing an Arab-Palestinian war of the "popular uprising" type orchestrated by factors in the Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Movement in Israel along with Islamist players throughout the world, including leftist groups with a vested interest in destroying the vision of the city's unification. 

There is nothing spontaneous in these riots; the security apparatus is very familiar with the sources of terrorism in the capital and must address them methodically. We cannot "contain" any further disturbance. Rock throwing should be treated like shootings: with zero tolerance. 

Arabs in the region and in the world read those voices from among us that always blame us for any of our neighbors' acts of villainy. In their view, we are guilty of the murder of the 3-month-old baby last Thursday, because we settled in the land of our forefathers: in Kfar Shiloah (Silwan), in the City of David, and in east Jerusalem. This claim is fundamentally racist, as if the Arabs aren't responsible for their actions, and are behaving according to their nature by running over infants or firing rockets at day care centers every time the Yahud (Jew) doesn't do what they expect. 

These marginal voices don't determine how we live and we shouldn't pay attention to them, even if the world gives them a bigger stage than they deserve. The international media likes self-hating Jews, because if Jews admit that they are guilty, they have "permission" to add their own fuel to the fire, and besides, the turmoil becomes more tolerable. 

Don't apologize, don't be afraid
If Jews can't buy homes they paid for in full and live wherever they desire in sovereign Jerusalem where Israeli law applies the same as it does in Tel Aviv, we have lost the right to claim any of the land of Israel. If Jews cannot visit the Temple Mount and are forbidden to murmur the verses that the Levites recited there thousands of years before anyone had heard of Islam, there is no alternative but to close the entire mount -- to Muslims, too. 

The Arabs in the area have to pay a heavy price for their behavior on the Temple Mount, as well as their behavior in the capital in general. We Jews have made Jerusalem what it is today. We returned home, and have to behave like owners -- not apologize and not be afraid. The return to Zion and rebuilding of Jerusalem is the interest not only of the Jewish people; it's the historic vision of the entire free world.

Dror Eydar


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