Sunday, December 6, 2015

Father Gabriel Naddaf: EU labeling ‘betrayal of Christian values in Europe’ - Jeremy Sharon

by Jeremy Sharon

Prominent Christian leader Father Gabriel Naddaf spoke out strongly on Wednesday at the European Parliament against the recent decision of the European Union to label products made by Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Naddaf is a Greek Orthodox priest and activist for Christian Arab integration into Israeli society, and established the Forum for Christian Enlistment to the IDF and the Israeli Christian Empowerment Council.

The priest declared that labeling goods from the settlements goes against Christian values and is part of a de-Christianization of Europe.

“Labeling Israeli produce [from the settlements] is another betrayal of Christian values in Europe, and another weakening of the Christian spirit in Europe,” Naddaf told a symposium at the European Parliament in Brussels organized by the pro-Israel evangelical group International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

“As a Christian leader, raised in Nazareth, living among the Arab Muslims, I tell you clearly: This decision affects Muslims, Christians, Druse and all other minority citizens of Israel, not just the Jews.”

Naddaf called the move to label Israeli settlement goods “a racist, anti-Semitic decision, stupid.”

He continued, “In the Middle East today there is only one state where Christians live in security, prosperity, where they have freedom of expression, freedom of religion and worship, where they can vote and be elected to parliament, where they have democratic rights and where their population is increasing.

“This is the Jewish state, the State of Israel, this is what we must protect, we have to protect our freedom, protect our state, our democracy which has proven itself, and protect the Holy Land, the cradle of Christianity.”

Jeremy Sharon


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