Friday, March 25, 2016

Hamas Clerics Al-Zarad And Al-Astal: The Jews Are The 'Enemies Of Mankind' Who 'Wallow In The Shedding Of Blood', Call On Palestinian Youths To 'Wipe Them Out Of Existence' - MEMRI


One example of the foul incitement against Jews that "Palestinians" are flooded with, in their schools, in their television programs, in their mosques

In a TV program that aired on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel on February 25, 2016, Hamas clerics Yunis Al-Astal and Wael Al-Zard discussed the traits of the Jews. Zard asked what makes the Jews "wallow in such an inhumane way in the shedding of blood," and Al-Astal, who called the Jews the "enemies of Mankind," said that it was their cruelty that spurred the Palestinian youth to "confront these cruel beasts in order to uproot them from our blessed lands and to wipe them out of existence, because they pose a threat to Mankind."

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