Thursday, May 12, 2016

Obama's Most Dangerous Year? - James Lewis

by James Lewis

A headline in the New York Times tell us that in his last nine months, Obama is really going to wreak revenge on Israel.  That need for personal revenge comes from the malignant narcissist in Obama.

We've had enough day-to-day exposure to B.H. Obama by now to understand both his personality and his mentally fixated ideology.  He is totally predictable.  The question is, how dangerous is Obama?  Specifically, in his last year in office, will he be as madly self-destructive as in the previous seven years?  Is it possible he will actually become worse?

Malignant narcissists have no sense of humor.  While Trump allows Miss USA and Miss Universe to throw big buckets of ice water over his orange comb-over, Obama becomes reflexively enraged whenever he is dissed, or worse, when he is laughed at.  That is because real narcissists are very fragile inside and are afraid of being shamed.

Male narcissists need women (especially) to validate their fragile egos, and Trump's stunt with the ice water on top of the Trump Tower is plainly telling us that nobody wins in the battle of the sexes.  Trump has had enough ups and downs with women in his own life to know that.  Trump is an ex-narcissist who has matured, which is why he is constantly kidding.  Most Americans understand his act, but self-important D.C. elitists don't watch Reality TV.  They think 90 percent of the country are idiots.

As a result, Trump can fight like George Patton, being totally unpredictable to the opposition.  General Patton's favorite slogan was to hold the enemy by the nose and kick him in the rear.  Trump's strategy is to let the enemy hold himself by the nose, tied by the strictures of P.C.  Then he kicks him in the rear.  Trump voters understand that, and they like Trump because he is funny.  That laughter comes from getting that Trump keeps insulting P.C. orthodoxy.  Our elites don't get the joke because they have surrendered to politically correct idiocy, and they don't get what a farce it all is.

In political terms, he who is predictable loses.

Trump has won so far because he could easily predict how the other runners would react to his outrageous words.  They are shocked (shocked) by his shenanigans, and then Trump wins the next primary.

A headline in the New York Times tell us that in his last nine months, Obama is really going to wreak revenge on Israel.  That need for personal revenge comes from the malignant narcissist in Obama.  That is why Obama started by demanding the resignation of Egypt's President Mubarak, long considered the pillar of peace in the Middle East – until Obama and Code Pink decided to destroy him.  That was the most dangerous moment of that last seven years, really the touch point that set off all the murderous instability in the Middle East.

Obama really thought he could put the Broederbund into power in Egypt, without understanding that Egyptians have a lot more understanding of the Ikhwan than the Obama crowd.  It was pure malignant narcissism and contempt against the Arabs – who are not fools – by the Obama crowd, plus ideological stuckness that set Obama off.  Because Obama's cult is driven by otherworldly fantasies, hundreds of thousands of Arabs have died in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Libya.  No normal American president would have tried to destroy the pillar of peace in the Middle East.

Obama did.

Fortunately, the Egyptian military and political elite – including the Salafist radicals, backed by the Saudis – decided they did not want Egypt to be run by the Muslim Brotherhood, doomed to go to war against Israel.  Egypt has tried that three times since 1948, and it was a painful disaster every single time.  Egypt's military knows that best, because it suffered the losses.  General El-Sisi, now president, knows it best of all.

Now Hillary is playing an extremely dangerous game by collaborating with Muslim Brotherhood agent Huma Abedin.  Hillary must know that – Bill would tell her, because he is a realist – and unless she is in love with Huma, which is quite possible, Hillary has to know very well that this kind of national betrayal brought the Democrats to their lowest point in the last 100 years.

The Jihad-Left Axis is a dangerous gamble for the Democrats, and I personally hope they lose and go out of business forever.  They certainly deserve it.

We need a new party of the left, one that is patriotic without reservation.  The party of Hubert Humphrey and Scoop Jackson was like that, as shown by Senator Jim Webb today.  The Democratic Party of self-proclaimed communist de Blasio is a throwback to 1948, and like the Communist-allied left of the 1940s, it is dancing on the edge of the death.  Today Senator Jim Webb is the most obvious Democrat who understands the danse macabre of the left, and who appeals to the mainstream.

The rest of the Democrats are trying to replay the lead-up to the McCarthy years.  This is stupid beyond belief.

Trump's game has been to play Bombastic Bushkin, to provoke all the sacred cows of P.C., thereby attracting the silent majority in America.  Now Trump is the target of all the hatred from the left (including our "conservative" establishment).  But Trump has decades of experience with reality shows that get better ratings than any politician.

A female friend who has hated Trump for weeks is now beginning to laugh at him.  She is beginning to get Trump's provocations, and now that he is flanked by two stunning women in every photo op, the men are starting to get it, too.  America never really liked the commissars of the left – people like Obama, Michelle, and Fauxcahontas.

Trump has run this script a thousand times, and he's learned to play it really well, with unpredictable variations on the spur of the moment.  His opposition is mired in the swamps of P.C.  Trump's popular success is not an accident.  George Will and Bill Kristol can sneer all they want.  It's not going to work.  The New York Times can huff and puff all it wants.  Hillary can pull out her well-worn bag of tricks.

People are sick and tired of them.

James Lewis


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