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If gays deviate from Elton John’s cliches, Facebook censors them - Giulio Meotti

by Giulio Meotti

Is Islam anti-gay? You would never guess it from Facebook.

Last January, the British Gay Times, after the attacks in Paris and the videos showing ISIS throwing gays from the roofs of buildings in Raqqa, the magazine asked its readers: “Is Islam a threat to the gay community?”. The response of the majority of readers was: “No”.

Post-Orlando, Facebook is now enforcing the injunction and turned down a page of the magazine Gaystream, after it published an article critical of Islam in the wake of the massacre in Florida. Gaystream editor, David Berger, had heavily criticized the director of the Gay Museum in Cologne, Birgit Bosold, who told the media that she feared white conservative men more than Islamic radicals and migrants. 

“Whoever had thought the culmination of masochism and Islam-appeasement by left-green professional homosexuals was already achieved, will now be shown as mistaken: it becomes even more masochistic and perverse,” Mr. Berger wrote.

Gaystream and Berger accused the German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas of being behind the Facebook censorship. Facebook is not the first social media that has used censorship when posting about Orlando and Islam.

Reddit has deleted thousands of comments on the massacre at Pulse and Twitter suspended the account of the gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos, whose “guilt” was decided by these few words: “As a gay person , the scariest words you will ever hear are ‘Allahu akbar’”.

Another gay journalist, Jim Hoft, the creator of the popular blog Gateway Pundit, came out after Orlando, inviting LGBT people to denounce Islamic homophobia: “I can no longer remain silent while my homosexual brothers and sisters are being slaughtered in the discos”. Youtube suspended his account.

Already at the time of the Muhammad cartoons of Charlie Hebdo, Facebook had shown diligent censorship. When the French weekly Le Point released some caricatures, within an hour the article and the images disappeared from Facebook.

In September, Angela Merkel met the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg at a UN summit on the environment in New York. Not aware that the microphones were picking her up, Merkel asked what could be done to restrict people who were writing things on Facebook which were critical of her migration policy. “Are you working on this?” she asked him. “Yeah”, Zuckerberg replied. Oh, is he working on this!

If gays divert from Elton John’s idiotic cliches, Silicon Valley censors them.

Giulio Meotti


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