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Cracks developing in Awan Dam - Thomas Lifson

by Thomas Lifson

-- based on what we already know, this is one heckuva story

The mainstream media are doing their best to ignore a bizarre, serious, and colorful story, but it's not going to work. The Awan family Pakistani I.T. consultant ring extracted 4 million dollars from Democrats in the House; its point man, Imran Awan, was arrested on bank fraud charges at Dulles Airport attempting to flee back to his homeland; and allegedly (Awan's lawyer disputes this), there was a pile of smashed hard drives and other equipment found at a house he owned and leased out to a Marine.

Peculiarly, Awan's primary employer, former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, kept him on her staff until just before he attempted to flee, even though he had been banned from the House network owing to corruption investigations and was unable to perform the work for which he is being paid from taxpayers funds.

Bizarrely, DWS was videotaped at a hearing openly demanding that evidence on the Capitol Police investigation be returned to her and threatening consequences for the Capitol Police, a creature controlled by Congress. I leave it to the lawyers to argue if this constitutes obstruction of justice, but it certainly looks as though she has something to hide on that hard drive.

The loss of the media monopoly of three broadcast networks and one daily newspaper per city means media dams [dems?] cannot hold in the face of compelling content. And based on what we already know, this is one heckuva story. Fox News already is all over it, and social media will spread it everywhere. 

Investor's Business Daily pays out a must-read summary that includes lots of nuggets like this:
It turned out that the other four being investigated were relatives of Awan – two brothers, his wife, and a sister-in-law. Then we learned that Awan's bothers owed money to a Hezbollah-connected fugitive, and a friend of Awan's had been working at McDonald's before getting hired as an IT professional by Congressional Democrats.
What's more, they were pulling down unusually large salaries of around $160,000, according to the Daily Caller, which is the only news outlet that has been actively pursuing this story. Together, Awan and his family raked in $4 million between 2009 and 2016, the DC reported, for what at times appeared to be "no show" jobs.
Then, a month after the investigation was made public, Awan's wife took her children out of school and fled the country for Qatar. Earlier in the year, Awan wire transferred $283,000 to two people in Pakistan. More recently, the FBI found smashed hard drives and other equipment at Awan's home.
How these people were able to get high-paying, highly sensitive jobs with dozens of House Democrats over the years is a mystery.
Occam's Razor suggests that DWS and the Dems were being blackmailed. For what? And what secrets, if any, were compromised by the members of the House Intelligence Committee who employed the Awan ring?

Wasserman Schultz has a combative personality and doesn't photograph well.

In the reality TV series that lies ahead, with congressional investigations and justice agencies involved, she may not be the most sympathetic figure to the public.

The left has whipped up an atmosphere that wants a lynching. They forgot that what comes around goes around.

Thomas Lifson


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