Monday, July 24, 2017

Time to deport Abbas - Jack Englehard

by Jack Englehard

If anyone expected Egypt and Jordan to commiserate with Israel, alas, no.  The two neighboring Arab countries that signed a peace treaty with Israel sided with their brothers and with terrorism.

It’s the old game – Arabs attack and then Israel is blamed for defending itself. 

Following the murder of two Israeli soldiers on the Temple Mount, at the hands of three Muslim terrorists, Israel did what any sovereign nation would do; it took measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In this case, authorities installed security detectors at the entrances to the site to keep it safe and orderly.

But Mahmoud Abbas and other Arab leaders could not resist the temptation to accuse Israel of acting provocatively against Muslim sensitivities.

Abbas demanded bloodshed… and over the weekend an Arab heeded Abbas’s call and three more Israelis were murdered.

High-level lawmakers from Jordan and Egypt (like old times) pointed the blame directly upon the Jewish State, accusing it of “escalation.”

For what? For taking logical steps to maintain law and order at the Temple Mount? Yes. Exactly. To them, apparently, the murder of Israelis is perfectly all right. That part does not trouble Egypt and Jordan. For Abbas, any day when he can go screaming to the world against Israel is a good day, a golden opportunity – and any excuse will do. 

He knows the world stage and nobody can put on a “poor me, I need help” performance like he can. He knows how to play with emotions.

So he’s asked President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to save him and his “people” so that his terrorists may move freely and murder at will.  

He wants the magnetometers removed. Actually he wants Israel removed.

He can hardly keep it a secret. He called for days of rage, and he got days of rage. Arab riots have broken out throughout Jerusalem and elsewhere.

In the Samaria town of Halamish, a Palestinian Arab intruder knifed to death three Israelis during their Sabbath meal. A fourth was seriously wounded. 

The killer was “raged” precisely as Abbas demanded. 

If anyone expected Egypt and Jordan to commiserate with Israel, alas, no.  The two neighboring Arab countries that signed a peace treaty with Israel sided with their brothers and with terrorism. In addition, they appear quite pleased to have for themselves a convenient flashpoint at the Temple Mount…courtesy of Abbas and his Fatah/Palestinian Authority who know how to manufacture such things. 

They know how the world will react when they start something and when Israel has no choice except to retaliate. 

It’s Israel’s response that gets the headlines…also the condemnation from the UN…though with Nikki Haley on the scene, it may be different.

With Trump behind him, this is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s big chance to prove that Israel will not be pushed around.
Will Israel be different? Too often under similar circumstances, Israel caved. 

In the sprit of Pinchas, Israel must be prepared to crack down even if it means catching flack from inside and outside. It comes regardless.

Let them holler from Cairo, from Amman and from Ramallah, Israel will do what it has to do against a generation of murderous bullies.

They should know that any form of “rage” comes with a heavy price.

Step one: Outlaw the PA. Declare the Palestinian Authority a terrorist organization for flagrant, deadly incitement. (The Jew-hatred they teach in schools is proof enough.) Step two: Deport Mahmoud Abbas and his gang of thugs. Send them to Jordan.

Let’s see if King Abdullah has any better luck with them than his father did when Arafat and his goons came calling. 

It should not be Israel’s task to tame these savages.  

At the same time uproot and deport the village from where the killer was hatched. Sounds harsh? 

You need to see the pictures of the murder scene.

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Tzioni said...

Jack, I agree with you. It's past time we implemented the strong response to terror you suggest. Failure to act in a strong confident way will lead to more of the same old conflict, terrorism and UN condemnations.

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