Monday, March 18, 2019

3,000 Yazidi sex slaves missing and feared dead - Christine Douglass-Williams

by Christine Douglass-Williams

Where are the human rights activists? Why do they ignore these victims of jihad terror and abuse?

3000 Yazidi sex slaves are lost and feared dead. This story should be in headlines everywhere. Is it? Are the lives of Yazidi girls and women so valueless in the eyes of the Western media? Add to that the fact that thousands of other Yazidi sex slaves who were tortured and murdered. Where also are the human rights activists? Why do they ignore these victims of jihad terror and abuse?

“LOST FOREVER ISIS’ 3,000 Yazidi sex slaves feared dead as hopes of finding any of them alive fade with collapse of evil ‘caliphate,’” by Tariq Tahir, Sun, March 12, 2019:

FEARS are mounting for thousands of Yazidi women who were captured and used as sex slaves by ISIS fighters.
Figures suggest almost 10,000 Yazidis have either been killed or kidnapped by ISIS and there are horrifying accounts of mass rape.
Many Yazidis have been able to flee the clutches of the terror group as it defends its final remaining stronghold in Baghouz, eastern Syria, from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.
One Yazidi woman held as a sex slave by ISIS burnt her veil after being freed from the town this week.
But families of around 3,000 others still missing fear they may never see their loved ones again.
“We have had the same number of missing for years now. The problem is, not many are coming back,” Ahmed Burjus, deputy executive director of Yazda, a Yazidi advocacy group told The Independent.
“We were hoping that many people would be liberated from Baghouz, but only 50-60 [Yazidis] have escaped.”
The Yazidis are a religious sect whose beliefs combine elements of several ancient Middle Eastern religions.
But ISIS considers them devil worshippers and its attacks on the group were condemned as a “genocide” by the United Nations.
Salwa Sayed al-Omar spent years as a prisoner of ISIS but she escaped its clutches this week.
She fled its last populated enclave in east Syria along with two Iraqi boys pretending to be her brothers.
She said: “A woman was shifted from one man to another unless it was to one who had a bit of mercy… if she was in good condition, she would carry on.

“If not, she would get married to avoid being abused.”
Omar was eventually married to a Tajik jihadist but she escaped along with two Iraqi children, Mustafa and Dia, who had been her neighbours.
Dr Paul Stott, from the Henry Jackson Society think-tank, told The Sun Online: “At least 3,000 Yazidis are missing from this period. Many will be dead…..

Christine Douglass-Williams


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